September 2016 BNRP Meeting Minutes

14 Oct
October 14, 2016

Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper Program
September 14, 2016
As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary
The monthly BNRP meeting held at the Paul C. Camp Community College Workforce Center had 7 people attending. Board Members were Nancy Turner, Jeff Turner, Sherri Woodard, Anne Parker, and Curtis Newsome. Also present were Bobby Turner (Membership) and Felice Hancock (Secretary).
President Newsome opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. He next requested reading of the minutes from the August meeting. These minutes were read by Jeff Turner. As there were no changes to be made, Jeff Turner then motioned that the minutes be adopted; seconded by Nancy Turner. A vote was taken and the minutes were adopted.
Nancy Turner then presented the Treasure’s Report, saying that for August 2016: the revenue for was $5,037.30; expenses were $1,555.08.
Membership was reported as 141 members by Bobby Turner, with no new members.
New Business
Sherri Woodard brought in the September 7, 2016 copy of the newspaper Independent-Messenger, serving Emporia and Greensville County. And article on “Advisory warns of mercury levels in Meherrin and Nottoway Rivers” was featured. Final summary advised to limit amount of fish consumed.
Jeff Turner presented several videos featuring what the BNRP drone can view, giving an aerial view of the rivers and surrounding land.

There was no further business, so Newsome dismissed the meeting. BNRP will meet again on October 12, 2016 at 7:30 pm at the PDCCC Workforce Center, with meeting open to the public.
September 2016 Riverkeeper Report
8/23 3-day patrol Blackwater. No water quality issues other than lack of rain, water stagnant. Notified Mayor Rabil of No Wake buoys at Franklin ramp about to sink. Trash non-existent.
8/25 Back in May I contacted Jenny Railey of I.P. to see if they could remove the old trash can I.P. placed there years ago. Fast forward to August 25 I contacted her again as the can was still there. She got back with me later that day and informed me that property was no longer I.P. property, but Franklin Lumber. I asked could she let them know my concerns about the large 50 pound container getting washed into the river next high water event. She told me “You can reach out to them directly. We don’t have authority to ask them to remove anything.”
8/29 3-day patrol Nottoway , no trash, no water quality issues other than stagnant water from lack of rain. Contacted Lee Walker VDGIF and asked that a No Swimming sign be posted at the VDGIF Rt 258 boat ramp. A local teen recently drowned there. The area is very dangerous for swimming because of the fact there once was a bridge there and there are lots of underwater hazards.
Update: The facility has since been posted for no swimming.
9/1 Test came back from water samples in river trying to figure out why the strange color of the river water this year. DEQ stated” We found there to be some Gymnodinium spp. and Dinoflagellates, both at 20 cells/mL, well below bloom levels. These are not uncommon to see this time of year at these numbers.
I have also attached the data for this year at the bridge stations that Randy samples. The turbidity has increased some since the winter and spring but not a large amount. My guess is that the rain had flushed some very fine sediments out of the low lying swampy areas. No real smoking gun.”
9/12 3-day patrol Blackwater. Water was bad shape, stagnant turning green on surface. Lots of trash.
Contacted CSX to tell them of a bad erosion issue beside the track where it crosses South High Street. The problem is along the ditch from Armory Dr.
Informed today that new motor for the small Riverkeeper boat has come in. Most likely get it installed next week.
Since my initial contact with Franklin City Manager Randy Martin on August 23rd about derelict No Wake buoys on BW at Franklin ramp, I never heard back from him. So I have been in contact with Franklin Mayor Frank Rabil who does return my calls about issues. It seems that nobody placed those NW buoys in the river. IOW, Southampton, VDGIF nor City of Franklin says they deployed them. I have asks the VDGIF boat ramp manager John Kirk to see if he can straighten this out. The buoys are about to sink causing a navigation hazard. Of course if no one still claims them in the next week, I’m sure they will not mind if I remove them in the interest of public safety.

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