17 Dec


The best way to report something you see that does not look right is to take a picture of it. Then if it is something you think will lead to imminent human harm call the Va. Dept of Emergency Management at 800-468-8892. You can use this number also on weekends or holidays to report non-imminent pollution concerns. You can use this link to report online and either give your name or report anonymously.REPORT POLLUTION
You can cal the Va. Dept of Environmental quality during regular business hours at 757-518-2000 which is the Tidewater Office, the Piedmont Office is 804-527-5020.

OR you can call or e-mail me, though that is the slower rout as I might not get your communication right away. 757-562-5173 is my home number, 757-377-7606 is my cell but that usually is useless because I am out of cell tower range or my phone is off because I spend 3 days on patrol at a time and have to conserve battery.

The better you document and faster you report, the better chance for less harm to be done. Do not put off reporting!, its up to you to save our environment when you see something bad.