October 2017 Meeting Minutes

16 Nov
November 16, 2017

October 11th, 2017
As recorded by John Bunch, acting Secretary
The monthly BNRP meeting was held at the Workforce Development Center.Those attending were Board members Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Curtis Newsome. Bobby Turner, Felice Hancock, and John Bunch were also in attendance.
Curtis opened the meeting by asking that John Bunch read the minutes of the previous meeting. Following that, Jeff pointed out that Maggie’s last name may not be spelled correctly and he would check into it. With the fact that the possible misspelling would be corrected when checked into, Curtis asked for the motion to adopt the minutes. Jeff Turner made the motion to adopt, seconded by Nancy Turner, and passed by a vote.
Curtis then asked for the Treasurer’s Report, which given by Nancy, showed expenses for the month of September to be $945.12, revenue being $3100.00, and leaving a balance of $21,663.87.
Curtis asked Bobby to give the membership report and he reported that the membership remained unchanged from last month at 105.
September 2017 Riverkeeper Report
9/13 Meeting with Franklin City Manager Randy Martin. Discussed possible Bogart retention pond trash boom deployment. Mr. Martin seemed to like the concept I presented. As of this date 10/11 nothing has been done.
Toured Solenis manufacturing plant outside of Franklin. Thanks to Plant Manager Scott Thompson for the fantastic tour of the facility and dinner.
9/16 Sent BNRP Grant acceptance letters to Franklin Garden Club and the VMNH.
Three day patrol Blackwater below Franklin; trash not too bad, no water quality issues.
9/21 Three day patrol Nottoway below Delaware, no trash, no water quality issues other than stagnate water due to lack of rain.
10/6 Two day patrol Blackwater below Franklin. Water stagnant, light trash. Investigated alligator weed reported by Byron Carmean at the power line crossing behind the Pretlow Farm. Alligator weed is a non-native aquatic plant species that is a river killer. I found a 10x 8 patch of the weed at that location 3 years ago and sent pictures around but nobody knew what it was and it was forgotten. It has now already grown rapidly at this location to about a football field size. DCR Darren Loomis has been notified. I have pledged the resources of the BNRP to help if needed with a reminder to Mr. Loomis there is a finite timetable the BNRP can help monetarily. Since the Blackwater River is a Virginia designated Scenic River I would hope the state and DCR would take action on this quickly to try to contain it. The weed should be strayed now for the first treatment before winter, then again in the spring when new growth emerges. I have also contacted DEQ, VDGIF,TNC. I also wrote DCR’s Director Clyde Cristman and explained the urgency of this issue.
10/10 Received a message from Maggie Paggles at Solenis that an oil sheen was on the Nottoway upstream from their outfall. They believe it was from a boat spill at the boat landing or possibly oil wash from the rain off of the boat ramp parking lot since it did not originate from Solenis.

New Business:
Do we need to send out membership letters in the near future explaining the BNRP dissolution, so that membership reups/donations would not continue to come in? After a little discussion, Jeff said that he would draft a letter to be sent out following the upcoming banquet.
Felice Hancock brought up that she had a Show and Tell for the group and passed out a sliced piece of fruit that showed a star formation in its center and asked if anyone knew what it was. It was an Oriental/Japanese Persimmon. She then gave one to each person for us to try later on.
John Bunch brought in some blooming Creeping Bladderwort to show everyone, explaining that it is a carnivorous plant and how it catches its prey by using the small bladders along its roots.
Following that, Curtis adjourned the meeting.

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