November Meeting Minutes

18 Dec
December 18, 2017

Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper Program
November 7, 2017
As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The monthly BNRP meeting was held the Work Development Center. Attending were Board Members: Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Curtis Newsome. Also present were Bobby Turner and Felice Hancock.
The Meeting was delayed as the Workforce Center was locked and Felice sought the Maintenance Staff in the main building to unlock the Center. Once inside the facility, Curtis called for the Meeting to come to order asking Felice to read the minutes of the previous Meeting. Curtis next asked for corrections and then requested for the motion to adopt the minutes. Jeff made motion to adopt, seconded by Anne, and passed by a vote.
Curtis next asked for Nancy for the Treasurer’s Report. She informed there were expenses for October 2017 of $3,091.28; no revenue (zero)
Lastly, Curtis asked Bobby to give the Membership Report and he stated that the membership remained unchanged at 105. Jeff cited that he removed any mention of membership off the BNRP Website and Facebook.

October 2017 River Keeper Report
10/14: 2-day patrol on Blackwater River below Franklin. Light trash, no water quality issues. Took Department of Conservation Southeast Region Steward Darren Loomis out to see alligator weed. Later I toured the entire river identifying 15 locations of gator weed. Those locations were marked by GPS and entered into DCR’s data base. Also got contacted by Ian Pfingsten, a Botanist at the USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center in Florida. He saw article on Facebook of gator weed I posted and requested GPS coordinates and status on our problem on the Blackwater. I have sent him that data.
10/18: Riverkeeper Retirement Party at Fred’s Restaurant, Franklin.
10/19: 3-day patrol on Blackwater below Franklin. Light trash, no water quality issues. Monitoring gatorweed, found two more locations.
10/25: 3-day patrol on Nottoway River below Round Gut. No trash, no water quality issues. Looked for gatorweed in a limited capacity, found none. A better effort will be made at seeing if weed in Nottoway next year when I’m back on the pontoon boat around June.
11/1: Turned in my clean-up totals to Ocean Conservancy (Longwood College) for annual Coastal Virginia Clean-up that happens every year from September through October. Site provides free app or recording liter data.
11/2: 3-day patrol on Blackwater below Franklin. Lot of trash, no water quality problems. Monitoring gatorweed.
11/7: Message from Franklin City Manager Randy Martin is that the city will participate and help with deploying a trash boom in the Bogart Street retention pond in Franklin. Will need to get BNRP Board of Directors’ purchase approval for trash boom at this meeting tonight. Boom cost is $1987.80 for 100 foot boom.

New Business
Jeff Turner explained that the City has agreed to deploy and maintain a trash boom to prevent litter from entering Blackwater at Bogart Street. The boom would deflect trash from going into pipe and then into River. Motion was made by Nancy Turner for BNRP to purchase a boon for $1987.80 and was seconded by Anne Parker. Motion passed in a vote.
Jeff brought up that the last date for regular BNRP business will be on December 13, 2017. However, a review meeting will be held in January 2018 to be sure that termination of the BNRP funding is completed and check any outstanding costs.
Anne Parker reported she met with Garden Club regarding Clean River Day and their continued support. Litter-getters, the tool used for picking trash, has been requested by the Club and Jeff will transfer his supply to them. Anne also inquired about how to obtain the orange bag from VDOT for future clean-ups.

With no more business to discuss, Curtis Newsom adjourned the BNRP for this month.


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