February Meeting Minutes

20 Feb
February 20, 2013

Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper Program
February 13, 2013

as recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary
The meeting had 9 members present, with Board of Directors attending
as follows: Jeff Turner, Curtis Newsome, Nancy Turner, Anne Parker and
Sherri Woodard.
Curtis Newsome opened the meeting with a welcome and requested that
the minutes from the January meeting be read by Felice Hancock.  Jeff
Turner then motioned that the minutes be approved, and the motion was
seconded by Anne Parker.  The January Minutes were passed.
Newsome next requested that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s Report.
Nancy started with the proposed 2013 BNRP Budget, which included an
explanation from Jeff Turner on partnering with The Nature
Conservancy/TNC in a tree planting project at the Nottoway River area
in the Chub Sandhill Barrow Pit (refer to Riverkeeper Report of 2/5
for details).  Jeff requested that the BNRP fund $500.00 for cypress
tree plantings, providing TNC’s grant is accepted; motion seconded by
Nancy Turner and passed.  Nancy then continued with the 2013 proposed
Budget.  Jeff motioned to adopt the Budget, seconded by Anne Parker
and the Budget was passed.                                                       February Treasurer’s Report
continued with revenue of $8,330.41; expenses of $1,602.90; and Ending
Balance of $35,016.86.
Bobby Turner gave the Membership Secretary’s Report noting 143, no
new members.  The 2013 membership renewal reminders are being sent out

Riverkeeper Report
by Jeff Turner

1/11     Attended 3 Creek Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) meeting held at
the Blackwater Regional Public Library in Courtland.  3 Creek is a
large drainage area of Nottoway River, includes Raccoon Creek.
1/13    The Nature Conservancy/TNC press release for 2,855 acres
protected around South Quay.  Previously, BNRP has toured officials
looking at purchase of area at Byrd’s Point, offering waterside view
via boat ride.
1/15     Toured ditches and ponds in Franklin. Noted the terrible
condition with trash of the area, as well as the streets. Contacted
Franklin officials. Condition has not improved as of today 2/13.
1/16      Contacted Solar Car Wash owner, Barry Little, in Franklin
located beside Rite Aid.  He said attendant would do better and so far
that has been the case.
1/17     VDOT “No Litter” signs have been installed on Burdette Road near bridge.
1/30      It was reported to me that the railroad trestle at Courtland is
blocked again.  I reported this concern to Norfolk Southern Rail-Road.
2/4     Asked John Kirk, Virginia Department of Game and Inland
Fisheries/VDGIF, if he could find our Adopt-A-Stream sign that was at
Route 671 Ramp.  May need to request replacement sign.
2/5      Talked to Brian Van Eerden about partnering with The Nature
Conservancy/TNC in tree planting project at Nottoway River in the Chub
Sandhill Barrow Pit. What I’d like to propose is bald cypress planting
of the most regularly flooded zone of the pit.  A rough sketch of the
zone is presented in the bottom panel of the handout.  Calculated
acreage is 8.5 acres.
Stabilizing the pit with cypress trees can be expected to reduce
sediment discharge into the Nottoway River and thereby address water
quality threats to Percina rex.   This fish species has been
documented in the vicinity of the pit as well as downstream.
Funding for the project will come from a USFWS North American
Wetland Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant (for which I’m applying) and a
suggested donation from the Blackwater Nottoway Riverkeeper Program.
Funds will be used to cover seedling purchase and planting, which TNC
will administer.   Estimated cost is $5K.   I will be submitting a
NAWCA proposal for the March 1 2013 grant round; if the grant is
awarded, we should expect the tree planting to be completed in 2014.

2/6     Attended Litter Control Council meeting in Southampton County.
New restructuring taking place — Deputy John Griggs and Hart Council
of Southampton Public Works will take over.
2/12     Green Mountain Coffee Company in Windsor contacted me about
getting involved in Clean River Day this April.
2/13     Met with Enviva representatives Glenn Gray (Site Manager) and
Elizabeth Woodworth (Marketing/Communications). Good meeting hopeful
of good relationship with Enviva.  The Company already has a plant in
Ahoskie in operation since 2004.  September 2012 is the start date for
plant in Southampton County.

Other Business

Anne Parker thanked everyone for support on continuing the Uranium
Mining Ban in Virginia.  The bill was pulled out of the Senate
Committee.  However, although highly unusual, there seems to be a move
for regulations on how to mine uranium “safely’ being written up;
heavy lobbying from uranium interests.

Ashland Hercules Water Technologies’ Franklin Manager, Sean Maconaghy,
reported that the plant has not been running for the past two weeks
due to storm and resulting power outage (should be up soon).
Waste-water permit will be open to public comment in one or two weeks.

~ end ~

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