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Moonpie Book Now Available For Christmas Presents

09 Nov
November 9, 2016

I have written a book. “The Tails of Moonpie and the Riverkeeper” The book is $15 and available now. The book is a collection of Moonpie and my adventures on the rivers over the years and includes sketches of the antics of Moonpie.You can purchase the book by sending a check for $15 to Jeff Turner P.O. Box 44 Sedley, Va. 23878.MPfullcoversm

12 Oct
October 12, 2016

Riverkeeper Drone Nearly Crashed in Nottoway

28 Sep
September 28, 2016

Check out this clip of our drone nearly going into the river at Checkerboard Corner

April Designated as Clean Rivers Month

01 Mar
March 1, 2016

Clean Rivers Month 2016 (CRM), the entire month of April, is a community effort to clean up around the Blackwater & Nottoway Rivers. This 15th annual clean up is accomplished by teams and individuals going out on our rivers, streams and ditches, parking lots, even your yard or wherever, and picking up litter, trash and other junk.  To date we have removed over 89,000 pounds of trash from our little piece of the world.  CRM is a great opportunity for folks to contribute to the health of the community we live in.  As always I will have litter getters and bags for those who need them.  Teams or individuals can pick their own locations or I can find you one.  Look for places where roads cross a stream, places where the trash could be carried to the rivers.  If you pick your own location it is very important that you let me know where that is so I will not send another team there.  My advice is to go ahead and start looking around at river and swamp bridge crossings or ditches etc. in your area as a place for you or your team to clean up.  Teams can pick a day or days during the entire month of April. Teams need to keep count of bag and participant totals, totals of tires etc. and send that information to me after the clean-up. Make note of your “most unusual item found” and be sure to take pictures to send to me.  More details will follow when you sign up. Email me at or call me at 562-5173 to get signed up.  This is a great community event to get involved in.  Please mark the month of April on your organization’s calendar.

Blackwater Dump Site Investigated

19 Apr
April 19, 2015

Moonpie and I were saddened to find out that a once great fishing and upper river canoe access location along the Blackwater River in Isle of Wight County has been turned into a dumpsite.  Near where the train tracks cross the river in Zuni, the once beautiful scenery is now ruined with bagfuls of household garbage, building materials beer bottles etc.  Read more →

Clean Rivers Day 2015

17 Apr
April 17, 2015

A big thank you goes out to all that participated on CRD 2015. I also would like to thank the City of Franklin, Southampton County and VDOT for their help in making the 15th CRD possible. Teams that participated this year that have “weighed in” are Alpha Kapa Alpha Sorority Inc, Caleb Nixon, Dean Wagonbach, Team Debbie March, Franklin Garden Club, Mike Wrenn, Nottoway Indian Tribe of Va., Team P3, PDCCC, Turning Point Apostolic Ministry, Southampton Academy, Historic Southside Master Naturalist, Team Turner/Rogers, Team Curtis Newsome, Cynthia Litman, Team Riverkeeper,Team Dick Gilbert, Team Bracy, Team Lockwood and Team Haas/Zuni Ruritans, Boy Scout Troop 17 and Team Rotary. The heavy hitting team this year with most weight picked up was the Historic Southside Master Naturalist team. Total weight picked up for CRD 2015 now is at 2875 pounds with 84 volunteers.

Franklin Sewage Treatment Plant Strikes Again

12 Sep
September 12, 2014

On Monday September 8 2014 at about 5:15 I caught the City of Franklins WWTP once again spewing sludge into the Blackwater river from their outfall pipe next to the boat ramp. The spill lasted about an hour and a half. I contacted the city and DEQ. DEQ is investigating. The issue comes from excessive rain then groundwater seeping into the city system inundating the capability of the treatment plant. No one was at the facility to catch the issue which is another issue. This seems to be the case often as this problem can arise on weekends or after WWTP personnel get off work. One way to make the situation better would be to have someone there at the facility when there is a known chance for the problem to arise such as during a big rain event. The city has agreed to try to make that happen. Time will tell and I will continue to monitor the WWTP at all hours during large rain events.

Clean Rivers Day 2014 Success Again

18 Apr
April 18, 2014

Once again CRD was a big success. 25 teams, 182 volunteers picked up 6562 pounds of trash which included 26 tires. Strange item winners were Team Wagonbach with a crack pipe and Team Heave Ho Promotions with a box spring and mattress set. I hope Dean does not Continue to ride around showing people the crack pipe he found! Ha Ha! I.P. and The Franklin Garden Club tied with most volunteers at 35 each. Team I.P. had the most weight picked up with 1500 pounds. Team Ben Cutchins won the Heavy Hauler title for picking up 150 pounds of trash by himself. Thanks to all the teams that participated on a day that turned out just right for doing that kind of work. The City of Franklin and Southampton County really helped also by collecting teams bags and taking the “extra” garbage and debris at the county dump sites. The river was very high this year so the few teams that were on the river had a tough time. I’m hoping next year we can have more boat teams on the rivers. There are so many fishermen and boaters in this area, if we could get a tenth of those numbers to get on the river it would be great. Thanks again for all the teams hard work. Pictures that teams submitted are in the galley. Teams participating this year were ( in no order) Read more →

Reconsideration and Termination of Proposed New Route 460

09 Jan
January 9, 2014

The proposed new U.S. Route 460 is one project that does not make sense economically or environmentally, and we agree with your recent statements about the wisdom of halting further spending on this project pending careful reconsideration of its merits. We believe the new Route 460 proposal is clearly not in the best interests of the Commonwealth, and therefore urge you to take the further step of terminating this project. Read more →

Our Position ON The Proposed Rt 460

09 Jan
January 9, 2014

The Blackwater Nottoway Riverkeeper Program (BNRP) is submitting this letter into public comment and to the Southampton County Board of Supervisors concerning the proposed new Rt. 460. It is this organizations position that we are not in favor of building the new highway. Read more →