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June 21st Through The 23rd Blackwater Trip

23 Jun
June 23, 2009

Spirit of Moonpie & I spent the 21st through the 23rd on the Blackwater above the Steel Bridge Rt. 603.
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June 10, 2009 Meeting Minutes

17 Jun
June 17, 2009

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary
Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then asking that John Bunch read the minutes from the previous monthly meeting. Minutes were read, motion made by Jeff Turner to adopt, seconded by Nancy Turner, and passed without any changes.
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June 1st Through The 3rd Nottoway Trip

04 Jun
June 4, 2009

I spent the 1st through the 3rd on the Nottoway above Cypress Bridge this week. The water was 6 ft. on the USGS gauge, fast, clear and 79 degrees. Trash was not too bad. I picked up a full bag of which a lot were glass bottles.
I had Moonpie cremated so I took her ashes with me on this trip. There are several beaches on this part of the river that were some of her favorite places. So I stopped at these spots and turned her loose one more time. I actually did this without crying and really felt an odd sense of happiness come over me after releasing her. I felt like she was suddenly really there right beside me again on the river. I had no idea at that moment just how true that feeling would turn out to be.
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