The Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper Program March 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes

11 Mar
March 11, 2011

As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary. The meeting had 10 members in attendance, and the BOD members who were present are as follows: Jeff Turner, Curtis Newsome, Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Sherri Woodard. Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by requesting the Minutes from the February Meeting be read by Felice Hancock. Newsome made a motion to have them adopted and it was seconded by Jeff Turner. They were adopted with no changes. Newsome then asked that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report. Turner reported that for February, revenues were $970.84 from memberships; expenses were $1,653.77.  Bobby Turner was next requested by Newsome to provide the membership report. Because renewals are coming due for the new 2011 year, membership is now at 94 members (down from 151). There are 9 new members: Allard Allston, Lynette Allston, Teaque Allston, Ellen Butler, Jerry Butler, James Dimmer, Patricia Dimmer, Drewryville Ruritan Club, Nottoway Indian Tribe of VA, Ronda A. Steward, and Steve E. Steward. Welcome to new membership! Riverkeeper Report 2/15: Three day patrol on Nottoway below Bronco Club. DEQ (Clyde Gantt) asked for all documentation of Franklin STP from Jan. 27 incident. 2/24: Attended and spoke at Franklin’s Beautification Committee’s Adopt-a-Spot breakfast. Talked to Piedmont DEQ about Emporia’s oil smell in ditch. Sheen was found to be bacteria. 3/1: Three day patrol Blackwater below Franklin. Informed by DEQ that the BNRP won Bronze Award for the Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards /GEEA, to be received in April. Nancy Turner, Anne parker & Sherri Woodard voted by e-mail to approve $667.91 for a Clean River Day advertisement in the Tidewater News. 3/3: Contacted Sheryl Raulston at IP about running water sound in Wash Hole Creek. She said, “This set of pumps and metal enclosure that you describe below is used for pumping stormwater over Washole Creek that is collected from mill areas. This stormwater is pumped to our effluent treatment system. The running water that you hear is seal water for the stormwater pumps. Seal water is well water that is used to provide lubrication to the pumps. The seal water drips off the pumps into the metal enclosure below and this seal water is then pumped to our effluent treatment system. This water does not drain to the river from this location.” Reported to DEQ abnormal algae growth below Franklin. 3/7: DEQ reported to me that they will take no action on the Franklin STP incident I reported to them. Lack of proper documentation and the fact DEQ could not get there in time to see it first hand is the reason why. However the city is aware that they are being closely monitored. DEQ believes they have what is called l & l or inflow and filtration. DEQ also reported that J.L. Rose Hog Market was suppose to have blocked their discharge line last week, They are pumping out the septic tank and hauling to the treatment plant until they can make connection to the Courtland sewage system. 3/9: Radio interview with Steve Stewart for the “Home Town” radio show. To air Friday. Brian Watson, VDGIF Malacologist, informed me that they were on the Nottoway River the 1st and 2nd collecting mussels for the hatchery in Charles City. He said they collected gravid females for 4 of the 5 species we were targeting and will start propagation. And, Sunday, March 13, at the SoCo Administration Building at 2:30pm, I will be showing the old films on the Union Camp Mill for the monthly meeting of the SoCo Historical Society. Afterwards, there will be a “taffy pulling” at the Ag Center. Clean Rivers Day will be April 2, Saturday. We already have 4 teams signed up, and look forward to many more registering. This concluded the Riverkeeper Report. No New Business Other Items: Felice Hancock nominated Jeff Turner as an “Outdoor Heroes” in L.L. Bean award program; to be announced in August. Part of the nomination form allowed for a listing of accomplishments which can be useful in other applications for the BNRP. Short discussion on need for photo documentation of teams picking up litter on Clean Rivers Day, and we are hopeful that folks will take photographs of their efforts. Also, note any unusual litter they find and dispose of. ~ end ~

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