Thank You!

26 Nov
November 26, 2008

Well since it is Thanksgiving I want to give thanks for all the wonderful cards, letters, food, words of encouragement and e-mails I have received since I broke my leg.

This is truly a great community and I thank you all for your outpouring of concern for me and for Moonpie when she was lost. Moonpie is doing fine and is ready for more adventures on the river, however those will be on a more limited basis now on for her safety. I on the other hand am still not ready to get back on the river. Though I have made a lot of progress, I am still weeks away from returning to the river. It has been tough sitting at home as Fall is Moonpie & my favorite time of the year on the rivers. Freezing Deer prefers the spring and summer as you can guess. The colored leaves and cool breezes combined with the smells of Fall on the river are what Pie & I look forward to each year. This is the first Fall in 20 years I have not navigated the old Waterstrider up and down the rivers. Usually this time of year we are catching catfish for stews and Blackfish for fun and at camp Moonpie pretends she can still chase squirrels. At night we huddle near a small fire and cook something on a stick while listening to the owls discuss the nights activities. I miss it bad, but bones will heel and legs will eventually get stronger. Moonpie has already planned that we will live the entire month of January on the river. That sounds great but unfortunately January is about the coldest month on the river, so we will see about that. So anyway I just wanted to thank everybody for all of your concern. It it were not for your prayers and the loving care that my family has provided me I would not be as far along I am today. From Moonpie, Freezing Deer and myself we wish everybody a safe and happy holiday season. Hopefully after Christmas Moonpie and maybe Freezing Deer and I will be able once again to report from the two rivers we love and call the Blackwater and Nottoway.

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