Surry Residents Seek Answers On Coal Plant

27 Jan
January 27, 2010

As residents of Surry County consider the prospect of hosting one of the state’s largest coal-fired plants, there are growing concerns about the impacts on health, environment, and community growth.

Passages like the following: “Coal remains a highly polluting source of electricity that has serious impacts on human health, especially among those who live near major plants,” from a recent article in TIME Magazine make it sound downright dangerous for the locals in this rural, farming community. Adding to their uncertainty are the increasingly frequent news reports hinting that coal power is headed the way of the dinosaur. The issue is a proposed huge 1500 megawatt generating plant to be located in Dendron Virginia.

Determined to look past the hype and propaganda—namely the promises of jobs and tax revenue—the Coalition to Keep Surry Clean, in partnership with Wise Energy for Virginia, will host a Public Informational Session May 12, 2009 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at the Surry Rec Center. Residents will find answers to their concerns about health risks, environmental risks, and how such a plant could change the character of their rural community.

Representatives from the American Lung Association, Sierra Club, Blackwater Nottoway Riverkeeper Program and Physicians for Social Responsibility—among others—will offer expert opinion from their respective fields. Attendees will have ample opportunity to pose questions to the panel of experts, gather hand-outs, and visit informational “stations” featuring such topics as, “Threats to Health,” “Coal is Always Dirty,” “Economic Impacts,” and “What Happened in Chesapeake: Will Fly-Ash Contaminate Our Water, Too?” Refreshments will be served.

The Coalition to Keep Surry Clean is a grassroots group of local citizens committed to retaining Surry’s rural character and its unofficial status as “God’s Country.”
Wise Energy for Virginia is a cooperative of several environmental groups including Sierra Club, Appalachian Voices, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Southern Environmental Law Center, and Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards.
For More information contact Kayti Wingfield from Wise Energy for Virginia at 540-470-0643
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