September 8, 2010 Meeting Minutes

14 Oct
October 14, 2010

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary

Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by asking that John Bunch read the minutes from the previous month’s meeting. Following the reading Jeff Turner made the motion to adopt the minutes, seconded by Nancy Turner and they were adopted with no changes.

Curtis then asked that Nancy give the Treasurer’s report for August. She reported that revenues were $1530 (mostly from the VFH Grant), expenses were $2476.98 (main expenses being for payment to Britt & Peak for Form 990 Tax Return and 1st installment to Dr. Lynn Rainville for research for the Chap book).

Curtis then asked Bobby Turner to give the membership report. The group now stands at 141, an addition of 2 new group memberships (Kiwanas Club of Franklin and the Knights of Columbus) that were acquired through the diligence of Anne Parker.

The meeting had 9 in attendance and all BOD members were present (Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, Sherri Woodard, Curtis Newsome, and Jeff Turner).

The Riverkeeper Report

As presented by Jeff Turner

On 8/12 – Mailed out the Clean Rivers Day letters for next year. Decided to do this early to get on local organizations’ calendars for next year. And doing it this way has gained two new additional memberships.

On 8/17 – Sheryl Raulston said that IP would increase the frequency of checking the trashcan at the IP boat landing. This can was known to look in good shape on 9/8.

–       Attended the meeting for having no coal plant to be built at Surry.

–       Published in The Daily Press on this day:

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative announced Wednesday that it is delaying construction of what would be Virginia’s largest coal plant by 18-24 months. The plant, which ODEC hopes to build in the Surry County town of Dendron, will likely start producing electricity in 2020, said ODEC spokesman Jeb Hockman. That’s four years after ODEC’s original goal, announced nearly three years ago.

The delay is the result of uncertain federal regulations and the slumping economy, which has altered the nation’s projected electricity demands. “The economy just doesn’t seem to be coming out of the recession that quickly”, he said.

On 8/18 – Birdsong Peanut Co. removed the trashcan from its river access point and the area has also been cleaned up.

–       Delivered the requests for the Camp Foundation Grants.

On 8/23 – DEQ called me concerning shingles being dumped into the river at Clayton’s Bridge. Checked it out and it turned that Clayton’s Bridge runs across part of Seacock Swamp, not the river. No shingles were found. However, while investigating, a shotgun and digital scales were found at the next downstream bridge. The Sheriff’s deputies met me there, retrieved the scales and gun, and are gathering more evidence concerning them.

–       Discovered construction waste in the form of tiles and buckets of tiling adhesive at The Steel Bridge. Reported this to the County and VDGIF. And the Litter Control came out to clean it up.

On 8/25 – Showed DVDs of old film footage of earlier paper mill days to 11 past Union Camp employees at The Village. The DVDs are on loan from the Camp Foundation and show activities of the sawmill and logging operations from 1945 and the early 50’s.

On 8/27 – Met with USACE Chowan Basin Project Manager Chris Turner at the Blackwater River Pumping Station. The City of Norfolk wants to remove the overhead pipe that runs from an unused deep well that is located on the western side of the river. This pipe is causing logjams during high water flow and that in turn is channeling the water to undercut the foundation of the pump house. Repairs will be undertaken to correct the foundation and the overhead pipe.

–       Spoke to Dan Howe about the trash issue at Barret’s Landing that is resulting from people throwing trash over the fence at the new restroom facilities. He said he would take care of having that trash removed.

–       Spoke to Russ Pace about the accumulation of trash at the retention pond behind Web Apartments. He responded that he was short on help and they would try to get it when they could.

–       Spoke to Franklin Police Chief Hardison about my concern about the boat landing pier because I found an 8 year old boy fishing there unattended. He was fishing at a place where there was no railing so I led him to a safer place.

On 8/31 – Spoke at the Kiwanis Club breakfast meeting at Fred’s. It was a laid back meeting and with questions for me.

–       Met Sean Maconaghy at Ashland for a tour of their remediated spray field site. The site looked nice and we even saw turkey and deer on the property. I also asked about the NRCS partnership.

On 9/1 – Received funding from Southampton County. This completes hearing from all three localities.

–       International Coastal Cleanup begins and lasts through October 31st. I have forms to fill out for any interested parties.

On 9/2 – After receiving complaints from fishermen in August, I contacted Norfolk Southern (again back in August) concerning the blockage of the Nottoway at their trestle in Courtland. I had explained the problem which included the need for removal of old trestle pilings that had not been cut flush with the river bottom. On this date (9/2) the blockage was removed and they have promised to cut the old pilings. It turns out that the pilings had originally been cut at a higher level of water, so with this extraordinarily dry year, they had become exposed catching debris and hampering boat traffic.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report

Other Items:

–       Adopt-a-Stream signs along with other signage had been removed from the pole at the Rt. 671 Hercules Boat Landing. Suspect that the power company had removed them as they do not like other people’s items attached to their electrical poles.

–       Sherri Woodard announced that a cleanup of the Meherrin would take place on October 2nd. Those interested should meet at the boat ramp at the park in Emporia from 8-12.

–       Anne Parker mentioned that Melissa Rose (Secretary at Franklin’s Chamber of Commerce) wants the dock work at Barrett’s Landing performed after all, with a dedication to be made on Clean River’s Day 2011. Jeff agreed to check into this.

–       Curtis Newsome expressed interest in buying a couple acres that contains a boat landing on Rt. 620 (Broadwater) that is getting ready to be sold.

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