September 29th Through the 1st Blackwater Trip

03 Oct
October 3, 2009

Spirit of Moonpie & I spent the 29th through the 1st on the Blackwater below Franklin. The water was up a tad, clear and 71 degrees.

The weather this trip was very nice with a high of 70 and a low of 45 degrees. Trash was not so bad, though I did pick up a full bag and something I never thought I would find on the river. We were cruisin’ for trash and saw a bright colored scarf in the river. I circled back and grabbed it. Low and behold it was a coconut wrapped in a bright red scarf. I tossed it in the boat and Moonpie gasp, “ oh my goodness, it’s Madam Coconut.” What is a Madam Coconut I asked? It’s like a genie Moonpie answered and if you rub her head you will get a wish. Well give it here then I said, I’m going to wish that you actually had a brain! “Give her back if your going to be like that Moonpie exclaimed. I’ll rub her head and I’ll get the wish. Moonpie rubbed that things head the whole trip. I never did find out what she wished for. The fishing was great on this expedition, well at least the first day. That day I caught about 10 bass up to 3.2 pounds. All were caught on either a Mepps Minnow or a 4 inch stick bait. I caught a few chain pickerel also. The second day I only caught one bass that went 3.6 pounds. I do not know why the fishing was off on that second day other than I was further downriver. Unfortunately something raided my fish basket and got all my fish, so no fried fish this week. This trip was about the stinkiest trip I have ever been on. A cow on the farm across the river was lying in the swamp dead and man was it ripe. Moonpie kept on saying “I smell dead cow people; I smell dead cow people” (she had recently watched the movie the Sixth Sense) every five minutes. So I made some phone calls to get word to the farmer that he had a dead cow. Mostly because I thought he would like to know and secondly I was really kinda hoping he would bury it or something. I was really glad when I came back to the campsite the second night I found that the cow was gone. That was really nice and made that night very enjoyable so thank you JB. I really appreciate that and I mean it. I know that had to have been a terrible job. Now if you would please just accept the money available from our Soil & Water Agency to pay to dig a well for watering the cows and fencing them out of the swamp and river, all would be so much better on the two rivers we call the Blackwater & Nottoway.

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