September 2014 Meeting Minutes

12 Sep
September 12, 2014

as recorded by Felice Hancock, Recording Secretary
The meeting at the Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center Conference Room had eight (8) people attending, including four (4) Board Members: Curtis Newsome, Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Jeff Turner. Chairman Newsome called the meeting to order with a welcome and requested Secretary Hancock read the August Minutes. A motion was made to approve the minutes by Jeff Turner and seconded by Curtis – approved.
Under Treasurer Report, Nancy Turner noted the revenue for August was $396.16 and expenses were $3,146.82.
There are no new members this month. The total remains 148 members as reported by Bobby Turner, Membership Secretary.

September 2014 Riverkeeper Report as reported by Jeff Turner, Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper
8/14 Held a 3-day patrol on Nottoway River. Found dead Great Blue Heron tangled in fishing line.
No water quality issues. Trash was light.
8/25 Held a 3-day patrol on Blackwater River. The water stagnant but the trash was light. Saw Bald Eagle at Cherry Grove.
8/29 Met with Felice Hancock, Volunteer Chair of the Western Tidewater Regional Humanities Council, Deloras Freeman ( ) of the Great Dismal Swamp, and Sue Woodward of the Suffolk-Nansemond Historical Society. We viewed and discussed the radio spots (about 1½ minutes) on WHRO – there are two versions. A possible Virginia Foundation for the Humanities Grant to fund similar spots on Western Tidewater has an October 2014 and April 2015 deadline. Felice will do more research on the logistics for this project. Deloras and Sue will ask if their nonprofits can “hold the money” for the project.
Wrote a letter to A.V.E.S. (All Virginia Environmental Solutions) about trash flying out of trucks.
9/8 Presentation to the Franklin Shriner’s. 12 members attended. Picked up 2 members who will be enrolled in October.
Franklin WWTP/Waste Water Treatment Plant blow-out at 5:15 p.m. Noticed WWTP blowing activated sludge into the Blackwater River. Called Department of Environmental Quality’s Emergency Services and Franklin Police Department. Event lasted about 1½ hours. Last incident was 6/8/13.
9/9 Received a copy of letter sent to VDGIF Director Bob Duncan from ex Delegate Bill Barlow concerning limb-line issues.
Received confirmation that Southampton County is going to give the Chowan Roundtable permission to construct a riparian buffer project that will stabilize the shoreline beside the Courthouse in Courtland.
9/10 Presentation to Franklin Women’s Club. 3rd video was shown. 12 attended.
Old and New Business:
Jeff Turner has asked the printing company he is working with for reprinting of the River Atlas for clearer lettering of print. This is a company which he would like to use as they are willing to print smaller quantities. Had to cancel Eco-Cruise Tuesday the 9th with residents of the Village at Woods Edge because of rain; and cancelled Chamber Eco-Cruise on the 11th because Nottoway River was high. Lots of scheduled Fall cruises including 4 for Encore Learning class with PDCCC.
Heritage Day at the Southampton Agriculture & Forestry Museum and Heritage Village will be held this Saturday BNRP booth.
Sean Maconaghy has received another promotion at the Solinis Plant (ETC)

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