September 14, 2011 Meeting Minutes

17 Sep
September 17, 2011

As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The meeting had 7 members present, with Board of Directors attending as follows:  Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, and Sherri Woodard.

Curtis Newsome opened the meeting with a welcome and requested that the Minutes from August be read.  Jeff Turner motioned the minutes be approved, seconded by Nancy Turner, and passed.

Newsome then requested that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report.  August revenue was $3,774.74; expenses were $1,454.89.

Bobby Turner gave the Membership Secretary’s report noting that there were no new members, “however”.  Actual membership is 133, not 130 as previously cited, since 3 members had paid their 2011 dues in the year 2010 and they were “overlooked” until the records were recently rechecked.

Riverkeeper Report

Riverkeeper Report presented by Jeff Turner

8/11 Met with Russ Pace and team at Franklin Sewage Treatment Plant/STP to discuss ways to keep people off the STP outfall pipe.

Jack Camp passes away.  Mr. Camp was a staunch supporter of the BNRP and if not for him the BNRP would have never happened.

8/16 Spent two days on Nottoway River below Delaware. Smoke from Dismal Swamp fire forced an early termination of the trip.

8/24 Delivered Camp Foundation grant applications.

Received a letter from City of Franklin Administrator June Fleming stating the City will post more signage at the STP to discourage fishing from shore.

9/2 Started monitoring rivers for dissolved oxygen/D.O.  Watched levels go from around 1.80 ppm on the 2nd to 1.12 by the 8th.  Fish kill started around the 5th.  Visited Suzette Shry home at Dockside on the canals.  Several red horse suckers were dead at this location.  Nottoway River appears to have been impacted worse than the Blackwater.  On the 12th I toured both rivers. I saw

approximately 200 dead fish on the Nottoway with many largemouth up to 7 pounds or so seen. Most every species seen except for gars and bowfin. Blackwater was not near as bad. I saw no new dead fish and believe kill is pretty much over as D.O levels were in the 1.50 to 1.70 range. Lowest reading I saw was .50 ppm in the back of Sims Gut on the Nottoway.

9/10 Attended the annual Heritage Day in Courtland at the Southampton County Agriculture & Forestry Museum and Heritage Village, putting in 9 hours to run the BNRP info booth. Handed out lots of information.

New Business

John Bunch has recruited two people from the newly formed Virginia Master Naturalist Program for Western Tidewater to cover two locations and perform water testing.  They are Geoff Payne and Dick Gilbert.  They will be testing drainage east of the Blackwater (Walters) where we have not tested before and possibly the Nottoway Swamp drainage which goes by the Country Club.             BNRP needs approval for purchase of $472.06 to re-fit two existing kits that have out of date (bad) testing chemicals.  A motion made by Nancy Turner and seconded by Sherri Woodard to approve amount.  Approved.

Out of Atlases again (The Blackwater, Nottoway and Meherrin Rivers Atlas. 2006).  Jeff has contacted the Virginia Canals & Navigations Society and was informed that they have 2 cases left.  That is only 90 atlases.  BNRP will be getting at least one of the cases.  Jeff is also inquiring about a second printing, the Society holds the copyright.  The BNRP would probably have to seek sponsors for the printing.

Other Business

Prior to the BNRP Meeting, several members and board members attended the Dominion Power presentation/forum regarding the conversion of the Franklin coal-burning power plant to bio-mass.

Jeff shared a card from Sharon Carter, Jack Camp’s daughter, which expressed the family’s gratitude and appreciation of friendship towards the late Mr. Camp.

Felice Hancock shared several completed illustrations for the chapbook on the water-powered mills along the Blackwater and Nottoway River Drainages.  The project is nearing completion.

Felice Hancock attended the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities Folkways Festival on September 11 in Charlottesville, and brought back information.  Suggested consideration of topic — fishing techniques, which might be suitable for next year’s program.  It was recommended that Jeff Turner would be appropriate as a “master” teacher, with need of an “apprentice”.   This would insure that our area will be represented in a very traditional skill for our region, plus be good exposure for the BNRP.  More information will be sent to Turner.

No further items, Curtis Newsome concluded the meeting.

~ end ~

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