September 12, 2012 Meeting Minutes

14 Sep
September 14, 2012

Recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary
The meeting had 7 members in attendance, and the Board of Directors’
who were present are as follows:  Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Nancy
Turner, and Anne Parker.
Newsome opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and requesting that
the Minutes be read from the August Meeting by Felice Hancock.  A
motion to pass the Minutes was made by Jeff Turner and seconded by
Nancy Turner.
Nancy Turner was then requested by Newsome to give the August
Treasurer’s report.  Revenue was $3,092.01; expenses were $1,100.21.
Bobby Turner was next called upon by Newsome to present the
membership report.  A total of 141 members are now enrolled.  There is
1 new member via a gift membership:  Carla Lily from Sussex, VA.
Welcome to our new member!

Riverkeeper Report
by Jeff Turner

8/15     Took (Virginia Tech) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
University’s Research Assistant Rebecca Kidd and also Biological
Sciences Researcher Matt Johnson on the Blackwater River.  This team
is conducting research on the relationships between the growth
patterns of trees and mussels along coastal rivers and identifying
climatic patterns across the Southeastern U.S. based on these

8/17     Attended commission celebration at Franklin’s International
Paper Mill reopening as a fluff-pulp operation.  Numerous dignitaries
were present including Congressman Randy Forbes, IP Chief Executive
Officer John Faraci, and Virginia Governor McDonald. There were about
200 people in attendance.

8/28     Sent in Camp Grants for 2013. This year it was done electronically.

Presentation to the Veterans of Foreign Wars/VFW, Franklin, of BNRP’s
second movie.  About 40 attended.

9/7     Department of Environmental Quality/DEQ alerted me to:
Effective in July 2012, Atlantic Woods Industries transferred
ownership of their Newsoms facility to Cox Industries, Incorporated of
South Carolina. The facility has been renamed Atlantic Pole – Virginia
LLC (dba) Atlantic Pole and Piling.  They are currently processing
that change into the existing permit, database and other files. This
is a minor permit modification and no other terms or conditions of the
permit will be involved with this action, only the name and ownership
During a telephone conversation with this facility’s new
environmental manager this afternoon, a discussion of the exposed
treated lumber storage area was raised (specifically, the highly
erodible soils in that area, our past concern with CCA from the
treated lumber leaching into those soils during period of low pH
rainfall,  and other related matters.) Based on her response (Ms.
House in SC) it sounds like the new company may be taking a second
look at those same issues as part of their new oversight of the
facility. Ms. House also discussed enhanced maintenance of the
perimeter ditch in proximity of the outfall (002) and instituting some
controls over up gradient soils from moving into the ditch during
storm events (erosion).
Not sure how the new company will be different from the former
operator, but this afternoon’s discussion was somewhat enlightening.

9/8    Attended the Southampton County Historical Society’s 19th annual
Heritage Day at their Courtland Agricultural and Forestry Museum &
Heritage Village.  There was a record attendance of over 2,000 people.


Anne Parker is busy organizing a local conference regarding the
possible lifting of the ban of Uranium Mining in Virginia, which would
be detrimental to our rivers (among other environmental concerns).
The date will be Tuesday, November 13, at the Cypress Creek Country
Club, Franklin, with seating at 10:45 am.  She requests assistance in
getting the word out.
Ms. Parker attended Paul C. Camp Community College’s organizational
meeting for the Science Club and discussed this conference and Clean
River Day 2013.

The BNRP website has been updated to include mention of Clean River
Day (Saturday, April 20, 2013).

Felice Hancock mentioned that she was able to place notice of 2013’s
Clean River Day on the Master Calendar of Paul D. Camp Community
College.  PDCCC’s Science Club did participate last year and she is
hopeful of other student service clubs also participating in 2013.


International Coastal Cleanup ends October 31, sponsored by the Ocean
Conservancy (

October 6/Saturday will be a busy day with 3 events occurring near
downtown Franklin:  Franklin Fall Festival at downtown area;
Albemarle-Chowan Watershed’s Rivers Day at
The Barrett’s Landing section; and “Thunder on the River” with the
Urquhart-Gillette WBTS re-enactment the Barrett’s Landing area.  The
BNRP has been requested to participate but details have not been

Ashland Hercules Water Technologies-Franklin’s EHS Manager, Sean M.
Maconaghy related that there is a public notice in the newspaper for
the combining of the facility’s current two permits (new boilers and
existing processing) to become one permit.

There being no further business, BNRP President Newsome dismissed the meeting.

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