Riverkeeper "Matter Of Fact" 2007

17 Jan
January 17, 2008

Here are some interesting facts from last year.

I spent I spent 98 days on the rivers and 58 nights.

I went to speak to the Capron, Walters,Joyner-Gray-Yale and Courtland Ruritan’s. The High Street Baptist Seniors, Tandem Health Care Home, The Hunterdale Seniors and the Franklin Garden Club and the upper classes at Southampton Academy High School. I showed the film I made about the wildlife on the rivers to most of these groups.

I took the Franklin Jr. Woman’s Club, Villiage at Woods Edge, The Nature Conservancy and the 4-H Jr. Master Gardners on the Blackwater for an Eco-Cruise on board the Riverkeeper pontoon boat.

There were nine Bald Eagle sightings logged this year in the Blackwater/Nottoway watershed.

The water testing team took and anylyzed appr. 56 water samples taken from streams that feed the rivers. The time consuming testing checks pH, DO, Temp, ammonia, nitrate, Phosphorus and e-coli and I also tested for conductivity and TDS.

During our Annual Clean Rivers Day held each April on Earth Day we collected 172 bags of trash and had 135 volunteers. That makes the total since the first clean-up come to 946 volunteers picking up 46,241 pounds of trash!

On Riverkeeper Patrols in 2007 I picked up 27 bags (810 pounds) worth of trash out of the rivers. I also removed:
3 five gallon buckets of oil, three 55 gallon plastic drums, 8ft pvc pipe, oil boom, large city trash can and a monster truck tire. A Cooler, boat,5 gallon bucket of Thematex, lawn mower, truck gas tank, propane tank, kiddi car, surfboard, VDOT barrel and 7 tires. A U-Haul fender, rubber boat, 2 trash cans and 2 buckets. A , air mattress, 1 gal gas cans, two 5 gal gas cans, boat seat, Coleman gas tank, air mattress, lawn chair. A childs wagon and a throw ring.

Confiscated 7 illegally abandoned catfish jugs, two illegal fish traps and helped the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries catch a commercial turtle poacher that had set 19 illegal turtle traps on the lower Blackwater.

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