October 6th Through The 8th Blackwater Trip

09 Oct
October 9, 2008

Moonpie, Freezing Deer & I spent the 6th through the 8th on Blackwater below the VDGIF ramp on Rt. 603 the Steel Bridge.

The water was 7ft. on the USGS gage, swift, clear and 66 degrees. Air temps were from 44 to 72 degrees. It was beautiful weather out there this trip. Trash was pretty bad with the most of it being found from Burdette downriver. I saw a couple of places people had camped along the river and left the campsite full of beer cans. Many of those cans ended up in the river because of the elevated river level. I have informed our Conservation Police Officer (CPO) at the VDGIF with this information. The fishing on this trip was great! We caught at least 25 bass and some nice bream also. The bass were caught predominantly on a 4-inch AC Shiner and the bream on a little safety pin spinner. Most were caught below the pump house at Burdette. We also got to see a bald eagle while we were out there. I’m hopeful this is one of our birds raised from the Cherry Grove nesting site that has decided to stay in the area. We had to do things a little different on this trip to get out there. FD had worked the night before so I went out Monday and set up camp while she slept at home. I had a presentation to do that night for the Cub Scouts so I came in Monday afternoon to do that. After the presentation I gathered up MP& FD and back to the river we went in the dark. Its pretty dangerous on that part of the river even in the daytime because of all the logs and at night is even worse. But we did well and took our time being real careful and safe. Finally after a painfully slow ride to the campsite in the pitch black dark we arrived safely at camp. Moonpie jumped out, wobbly and not very graceful in her old age, but excited to be at camp. Freezing Deer followed, got on the front of the boat just like MP, wobbly and not very graceful in her old age but also excited to be at camp, and promptly pitched off the deck into a pile on shore, her boot slipping off the rail of the boat and wrenching her knee in the process. I could tell it was bad by the pain on her face. So Freezing Deer pretty much crawled around camp for the next two days, but she stuck it out. I was sitting there at the fire that last night and started laughing. Moonpie walks around limping because she has a deformed foot from birth, Freezing is limping because she tried to do a one and a half off the front of the boat, and I’m limping around because of a car accident that left me permanently paralyzed. Moonpie and Freezing Deer looked at me and said, “What’s so darn funny?” Well, I said now laughing even harder, If anybody sees us up here they will wonder what the heck is wrong with those folks, even their little dog is limping and walking funny. I reckon they will go back home and tell their friends they found a lost group of Neanderthals camping along the Blackwater when in fact it’s just a bunch of old wore out river rats doing what they have to do to be out on the two rivers we call the Blackwater & Nottoway.

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