October 14 2015 Meeting Minutes

12 Nov
November 12, 2015

 As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The monthly meeting at the Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center Conference Room was attended by 7 people, including BNRP Board members:  Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Sherri Woodard.

Chairman Newsome called the meeting to order with a welcome and requested that Secretary Hancock read the September Minutes.  Jeff Turner motioned that the minutes be passed, seconded by Anne Parker – motion passed as submitted.

Nancy Turner was next requested to read the Treasurer report.   For September 2015 the revenue was $150.00; expenses were $1661.63.

Membership Secretary Bobby Turner then reported that membership was at 148 members with 4 renewing individuals.


October 2015 Riverkeeper Report                                                               By Jeff Turner, BNRP Riverkeeper

9/11:  The Tidewater News reported that David Fowler Jr. will owe over $18,000 to Southampton County for the clean-up of the Styrofoam. That is on top of the $5,460 fine from Department of Environmental Quality/DEQ.

9/21:  Bob Wallace and son Lawson from Boy Scout Troop 837 from Chesapeake are planning another Nottoway jam clearing project in the Nottoway in the Homeville area.  Clean-up will be towards end of this month.

10/5:   Crater Heath District (Petersburg) recommending Dinwiddie residents to avoid contact with or consume water from Stony Creek.  E-coli issues are expected to persist for some time from the slurry spill especially after heavy rains.  The slurry was produced by Vireol Bio Energy LLC in Hopewell and then allowed into the creek by two local farmers.

10/7:  Tidewater News printed public notice for bio-solids for Southampton County DEQ public review.  Robert Smithson from DEQ said it was a state wide permit modification with new requirements and that there were no new field permit applications.

3-day patrol on Blackwater below Franklin. Trash was normal for all the water we have had.  Smoked out the first night by a controlled burn near Rt. 189.

10/11:   3-day patrol on Nottoway River below Round Gut.  Water was high. Found Round Gut trashed, likely from residence at location.  Also found hoop net there with a dead snake or eel in it. Trash light.

10/14:   Nancy Reid Environmental Compliance Manager for Franklin/Southampton believes she has found the source of the Styrofoam blocks getting into the Blackwater.  Site is located on Broad Street in Franklin.


New Business

Jeff Turner reported on a few items:

1.)  He showed the “Teaser” for the upcoming French Documentary Film, Threatened Forest.  This is being produced by Bemoit Grimont, who Turner boated on the river last month.

2.) Turner next showed a film of his personal drone which he flew over a pond near Sedley, Southampton County.  Turner is testing the capabilities and assets of drones for the BNRP.

3.) Turner was also requested by the Franklin Methodist Church on High Street to represent the BNRP on their Community Day on a Saturday in April, 2016.


Felice Hancock requested assistance with distribution of the second printing of the Blackwater-Nottoway Waterpower Mills booklet.  Copies were distributed to board members to possibly pass out to elementary, middle and high schools and other organizations.

Old Business

Anne Parker investigated some details for Clean Rivers Day vs. Clean Rivers Month.  It will be tried as a month program in April 2016, with the possible assistance of individuals and groups contacting Ms. Orange of Franklin Public works and also contacting Southampton County for litter bags.  While this will be harder to coordinate it will make it easier for groups to participate, as well as skirt around bad weather.


With no further business to discuss, Chairman Newsome dismissed the meeting.  Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 7:30pm at the PDCCC Workforce Center Board Room; meeting is open to the public.



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