October 19th Through The 21st Nottoway Trip

22 Oct
October 22, 2009

Spirit of Moonpie & I spent the 19th through the 21st on the Nottoway below the Rt. 671 VDGIF ramp.

The weather was great with temps between 37 & 78 degrees. The river was low the first day and high the last with the water temp at 57 degrees. Trash was practically non-existent and I saw no water quality issues. I had a tough time the first day catching any fish but by the second day I figured out what they wanted. The 4 inch AC Shiner was the ticket for both largemouth and (jack) chain pickerel. Largest bass was 3.6 and I caught a jack that was almost a citation at 3.8 pounds. The catfishing though was the best with one cat going 9.5 pounds. I’m not even sure how many I caught but it was enough to make 4 catfish chowders, yum, yum, I can’t wait. All were caught on cut bream. On the second day I picked up my dad from the ramp and took him out for an afternoon of fishing. Just before getting to the ramp I looked around at Moonpie and grinned. “Don’t even say it she growled”, “Ahh, yes I replied, gonna be kind hard defending your seat now ain’t it old girl? “Well Moonpie said, knowing how nice your daddy is I’m sure he will respect me knowing this was always my seat and will not try to sit here when he gets in the boat. “You keep on thinking that ghost puppy I replied. So when I got to the ramp I didn’t say anything to dad about Moonpie & our conversation. He got in and promptly sat in the seat at the back of the boat just like I wanted him to. Strangely I did not hear anything from Moonpie. We drifted off shore to eat lunch. “ Oh yea, I said to dad, check out this monster catfish I caught last night.” I opened the live well to show the fish and freaked out. For a second, it looked like the catfish had Moonpie’s head on it and it was sticking its tongue out at me. I blinked and the apparition was gone. “Nice catfish dad exclaimed”, “yea, I said but if you look at it just right there is just something about this critter that makes it absolutely the strangest looking catfish I ever did see on the two rivers we call the Nottoway And Blackwater.”

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