November 9th BNRP Meeting Minutes

19 Dec
December 19, 2016

November 9th, 2016
As recorded by John Bunch, acting Secretary

The monthly BNRP meeting, held at The Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center, had 8 people attending. Board Members were Jeff Turner, Sherri Woodard, Nancy Turner, and Curtis Newsome. Bobby Turner, Jim Hart, Scott Thomson, and John Bunch (acting Secretary) were also in attendance. Nancy reported that Felice was absent tonight due to a surgical procedure that would be performed tomorrow. We wish her the best and a speedy recovery.
Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then asking that Jeff Turner read the minutes from the October meeting. They were read and a comment was made by Nancy Turner that the new member, Ellen Harris, needed a name correction. Following changing the name from Helen to Ellen and correcting Ms. to Mrs., Nancy motioned the minutes to be adopted, seconded by Jeff, and passed by voting.
Curtis then asked for the Treasurer’s Report which, given by Nancy, showed expenses for the month of October to be $1318.42, revenue being $266.07.
Bobby then gave the membership report saying that the member count stands at 143, but noted that in last month, we have unfortunately lost 2 members due to passing away, Lee Toliver and Roy Lassiter.
November 2016 Riverkeeper Report
10/15 Reported to me that the cable at the Zuni River access near tunnel had been cut. Contacted Rex Alphin said he would take care of it.
10/19 Made recommendation to City of Franklin to have picture of historic marker/sign on kiosk in Franklin at Barrettes Landing of Battle of Crumplers Bluff posted on the Historic Marker Project web-site I found online. As of today there was no picture on the web-site, but there was a description of the battle.
10/20 Country Acres Garden Club Eco-Cruise, 8 attended.
10/21 No Wake buoys finally removed from Blackwater at Franklin ramp. City looking into replacing them maybe. Buoys were removed because they were sinking.
10/23 Three day patrol Blackwater below Franklin, first trip after October floodwaters. River
was trashed very bad.
11/2 Anne Parker reported that Miriam Chaffee had done a clean up. They had 19 participants and picked up 12 bags of trash.
11/3 Camp Family Foundations Eco-Cruise. Elizabeth Lee Camp, her son Doug Camp, Doug Marks, John Camp and City Franklin Manager Randy Martin and Franklin Mayor Frank Rabil were onboard. Saw a bald eagle!
11/5 Three day patrol Nottoway below Round Gut. River was in good shape; only water quality issue was I saw a guy dump his charcoal grill into the river. Did not make contact because I was unsure of the law on this. I asked VDGIF CPO about it and they said “By the letter of the law, it may fall under the definition of unsightly garbage or waste dumped in public waters. It would depend on the circumstances as to whether the officer would issue a summons for something like that.”
11/4 Submitted a letter of support for a U.S. Forest Service Forest Legacy proposal that The Nature Conservancy is submitting at the request Brian Van Eerden, Director of TNC Southern Rivers Program. Mr. Van Eerden stated “Legacy funds will be used to help DOF acquire 2,100 acres to expand the Big Woods State Forest and for DOF or DCR to acquire an easement over a 400-acre tract adjacent to Chub Sandhill Natural Area Preserve. We’ve been chasing after Forest Legacy funds for a few years now. Last time we got an award was when you took out a group in your pontoon boat on the river.”

New Business:
Next monthly meeting the new slate of officers for 2017 will be voted on.
January meeting, if at all possible, is a Must Attend Meeting for all Board of Directors.
Scott Thomson reported out that all of the toxicity testing samples were taken and that he would report out the results at the next meeting.
It was at this point that John Bunch gave a slide show presentation that had been put together for the local Virginia Master Naturalists. It showed many plants and animals and insects that are not normally seen in our area, with some being very rare. As the photos were shown, a brief explanation was given on each one.
Curtis then asked around the room if anyone else had any other comments or business to discuss. As there was none, he adjourned the meeting.

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