November 3rd through 5th Blackwater Trip

05 Nov
November 5, 2009

Spirit of Moonpie & I spent the 3rd through the 5th on the Blackwater below the VDGIF ramp on Rt 603, the Steel Bridge.

The water was LOW at 3.60 on the USGS gauge, clear and 59 degrees. Air temps ranged from 33 to 65 degrees and it STORMED on us the last night. If your planning a trip on that part of the river remember that unless the water is at 4 ft on the USGS gauge, you cannot get across the City of Norfolk’s pipeline that crosses the river at Burdette. Also, there was a terrible log jam right at the pump house. I spent two hours clearing part of it that is hung up in the small overhead pipeline support structure, but it will take a lot more than what I can do do untangle all that mess. Trash was not that bad actually and most of it was found as is usual around the Burdette part of the river. The fishing was fair this trip. I caught 8 largemouth bass to two pounds and a mess of nice bream. The bass were caught on topwater and a Mepp’s #3 Minnow and the bream also were caught mostly on the large Mepp’s. A few of the bream were caught on a jig. I also caught a speckle and a raccoon perch. The leaves on the river have just about peaked and they are a sight to behold. If you can, you should get out there and have a look before Mother Nature wipes her canvas clean. The trip started off badly with me receiving a fat lip courtesy of a 4 inch dead tree limb that was not dead enough. I called and told Freezing Deer (Lynda) that Moonpie had gave me the fat lip, but Moonpie also called FD and told her that it wasn’t so and if it had been her I would have two fat lips instead of just one. So the fat lip was a bit of an annoyance the rest of the outing. However it was nothing compared to my first night trying to sleep. No less than three times that night something big, (bigger than Moonpie) ran past my tent. Once it was so close I felt the vibration of it through the ground and it hit one of the tie outs from the tent. I would wake up hearing this galloping sound bearing down on me and about the time I got hold of Hanna (my 44 magnum) whatever it was had already blown past. I guess it was deer running through the camp, yet I just find that hard to believe they would come into camp on their own. I ask Moonpie did she know anything about this. She said no, but I had visions of her leaping on a freaked out deer and bareback riding it through the camp just to mess with me.
Well, I guess I’ll never know, It’s just another one of those crazy things that happens to me on the two rivers we call the Blackwater and Nottoway.
Note: After we got home, later on I caught Moonpie cleaning deer hair out from under her toenails!


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