November 2014 meeting Minutes

10 Dec
December 10, 2014

as recorded by John Bunch
The November 12th BNRP meeting at PDCCC’s Workforce Development’s Center had 5 members in attendance – Curtis Newsome, Anne Parker, Jeff Turner, Bobby Turner, and John Bunch. Chairman Newsome called the meeting to order with a welcome and asked that the minutes for the previous meeting be read. John Bunch, filling in for Felice Hancock, read the October minutes. Jeff Turner motioned that the minutes be accepted, seconded by Anne Parker, and passed by all.
Bobby Turner read the October 2014 Treasurer report in Nancy Turner’s absence, saying that revenue for October was $206.93, expenses were $1995.65.
Bobby Turner, Membership Secretary, reported the addition of one new member, Pam Laird, bringing the total to 155.
November 2014 Riverkeeper Report By Jeff Turner
10/12 Thank you Letter was written to Delegate Bill Barlow for helping getting limb line removal regulation. The new law goes into effect on 1/1/15.
10/15 John Kirk VDGIF boat landing manager said he had removed the silt screen and addressed erosion issues at new boat landing off of Rt 671.
Talked to Raye Moore at I.P. and he stated they had removed silt screening from work that was done on wastewater pond dikes. The work done looks really good.
10/16 cancelled Eco-Cruise with Country Acres Garden Club because wrecked boat into boat shed.
Notified by Sean Maconaghy from Solenis; Acute Toxicity Permit Exceedance on 10/17/2014 (1.2 TUac versus limit of 1.0 TUac), caused due to high dissolved solids after starting up non-contact cooling water flows after several unit shut downs. Timing coincided with toxicity testing, and our permit does not allow for any leeway when such events occur. Resampling was conducted the week of 10/20/2014 and sample results were <1.0 TUac. New EHS Manager (Maggie Pagels who takes Sean’s place) will start on 11/17/2014. I am planning on bringing her to the December Meeting to introduce her, and she should start attending thereafter. "NO Trespass" Signs ready to be put up at old ramp site but waiting for work to finish on new gas line being run on south end of State Route 671. We will also be looking at putting up jersey barriers to block the entrance to the old boat ramp. 10/21 Cancelled Eco-Cruises for Southampton County BOS, Nottoway Indian’s, PDCCC and Country Acre’s Garden Club due to back injury. Will try and take care of this in the Spring. 11/3 3 day patrol on the Blackwater and developed new base camp Spooky Island (my name for it). No issues. 11/8 2 Day patrol Nottoway below Bronco Club, no issues. The river is pretty with all the Fall colors. New Business: Nomination for officers – This will be handled by emails as there were so few people tonight. Who knows Martha Rasnake? - She wants Jeff to take her on the river at some point. Moonpie Book going for second printing – The first printing has sold so many copies that it is going for a second printing. New atlases available – These atlases aren’t quite as good as a quality as the originals, due to having been scanned rather than printed from file. The spiral backing of these will be metal rather than the plastic of the original ones.

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