November 11, 2009 Meeting Minutes

19 Nov
November 19, 2009

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary
Curtis Newsome opened the meeting and asked that John Bunch read the minutes from the previous monthly meeting.

The minutes were read and it was found that a correction was needed concerning the Ashland report-out. It was agreed that the minutes would be corrected and resubmitted to Jeff Turner at which time they would then be sent out for the decision to adopt. (What follows is wording from the email sent by Jeff on 11/15 concerning the corrected version of minutes: Nancy made a motion by e-mail to approve the amended minutes and Curtis 2nd the motion).
Curtis asked Bobby Turner (in lieu of Nancy Turner being absent) for the treasurer’s report for October. He reported that revenues were $1300.42, expenses were $1811.16. Large expenses for the month were for testing equipment and the largest revenue was a $1000 contribution from the Franklin Garden Club.
Bobby then gave the Membership Report which still has the group membership count remaining at 135.
The meeting had 7 in attendance and the BOD members present were Jeff Turner and Curtis Newsome.

The Riverkeeper Report
As presented by Jeff Turner

On 10/15 – Gave a presentation of the most recent movie Living Blackwater & Nottoway Rivers II to 15 participants at East Pavilion. This is the first time I’ve been there in 2-3 years.
– Gave another presentation of the same movie to the Windsor Woman’s Club. This was also attended by Boy Scout Troop 41 with 40 in total attendance.
On 10/17 – Another presentation of the same movie was given at Science Saturdays held at the Franklin Library with 10 in attendance.
On 10/19 – Spent three days on the Nottoway below the Rt. 671 VDGIF boat ramp at Ashland and found no water quality issues.
On 10/23 – Gave a presentation of the before mentioned movie to 30 attendees at the Franklin Rotary Club. This was a good showing of people.
On 10/29 – Gave Eco-cruises on the Blackwater to the Franklin Garden Club. Even with a chilly day there was enough attendance to do two separate trips and all were kept warm.
On 10/31 – Gave an Eco-cruise to Sheri Woodard’s Emporia Master Gardeners.
On 11/3 – Spent three days on the Blackwater below the Rt. 603 Steel Bridge. The river level was very low and it was tough dealing with the log jams. Partially cleared a log jam from the overhead well line that crosses the river. There still remains a large jam left on the west side of the river.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report

Other Items:

– Storm currently going on (nor’easter) is dumping a lot of rain. The watermark of 12’ goes over the road at Burdette and around 18’ on the Nottoway goes across the road at Hancock Peanuts in Courtland.

– Upcoming Officers elections – coming up and nominations may be submitted. Curtis, Sheri, and myself (John) have offered to continue in their present roles. Mark Smith has to bow out due to his wife’s health issues. Jeff is nominating Anne Parker to fill Mark’s void and she has agreed to do so.

– Sean Maconaghy reported for Ashland that their VPDES permit mod would soon be going out for Public Comment. They received their draft permit from DEQ and awaiting comments from the EPA. Also, mentioned that Ashland will be proceeding with the West Lagoon closure. During closure, water will be pumped out (@ 3.2 mmg), treated and released. Around 6 feet of the lagoon basin depth will be removed and sent to a landfill with the end result being filling and grading with soil. Sean also mentioned that the closing of the IP mill should not have any impact on their operations.

– IP Mill closure – John Bunch spoke on some of the environmental issues centered around the mill’s closing, touching on retaining the air permits and the associated reports that go with them, conducting the wastewater release season as usual, having to probably shut down some of the production wells, continuing to conduct stormwater inspections, and to deal with the hazardous waste issues that arise in a closure.

– Mill Creek Landing Propose Project – Felice Hancock was prepared to talk on this subject, but since Nancy Turner was not in attendance, this is put off until the next monthly meeting. It is important for Nancy to hear and participate in this discussion due to her role as Treasurer since the BNRP is providing grant money for this project.

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