November 10, 2010 Meeting Minutes

14 Nov
November 14, 2010

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary
Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by asking that John Bunch read the minutes from October’s meeting. The minutes were read, Jeff Turner made a motion to have them adopted, seconded by Nancy Turner, and they were passed with no changes.
Curtis then asked that Nancy give the Treasurer’s report for October. She reported that revenues were $464.93 (mostly from the Historical Society’s contribution and from river atlas sales), expenses were $2238.07 (mostly from the purchase of a case of additional river atlases from the Va Canals & Navigation Society and boat repairs).
Curtis then asked Bobby Turner to give the membership report. The group now stands at 144 having added three new members since last month.
The meeting had 7 in attendance and all BOD members were present: Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, Sherri Woodard, Curtis Newsome, and Jeff Turner.

The Riverkeeper Report
As presented by Jeff Turner

On 10/14 – Gave the fourth and final presentation of the 2nd video to a group of Riverdale Elementary School kids. Afterwards I received a quite a number of thank-you notes from them.
On 10/15 – Spent three days on the Blackwater River in the Steel Bridge area. With the help of my father we cleared a path through a logjam by cutting a very large log and then using the boat to pull out it out of the way.
On 10/19 – Took two different groups (one with Reverend Duffy and the other from The Village at Woods Edge) on the Blackwater for Eco-Cruises.
– Sent a thank-you letter to the Southampton County Historical Society for their monetary donation for their Eco-Cruise. They also received a membership for this.
On 10/21 – Gave an additional presentation of the 3rd video to a group of Riverdale Elementary School kids. Left that copy for them to add to their school library.
– Wrote and sent a letter to Joe Lomax concerning the Burdette Bridge log jam. He said they would take a look at that, but weren’t in the business of dealing with those types of things. I warned him that high water on a logjam could erode the sides with it’s strong current (the jam was still in place on 11/5).
– Emailed Dominion about the pier project on which we await deliberation.
On 10/22 – Received a response from a Dominion contact that they would “get on it” and that the project was not forgotten.
On 10/27 – The Navy gave a demonstration at the Franklin Airport of ‘Field Carrier Landing Practice’ using the two types of prop planes that they intend to practice with at that airfield. We await the environmental impact study from that trial to see if they will go ahead with their plans.
On 11/7 – Spent three days on the Nottoway below Hercules. I was stunned to see so little trash on this trip. Caught a couple very large Blue catfish while on this trip, so it appears they are now making a greater presence here in this area.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report

Other Items:

– Election of Officers – Jeff brought up that it’s time for consideration of electing new officers for 2011. All agreed to stay on in their current positions with the exception of John Bunch who holds the secretarial position. Discussion was held on potential candidates who might be willing to take on that role. The membership roster was looked at and it was decided to contact certain individuals to see if they might hold an interest.

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