Minutes for July 11, 2012 Meeting

16 Jul
July 16, 2012

Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper Program

as recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The July 11, 2012 meeting was held online during July 6 through 11, with all current BNRP Board of Directors responding:  Jeff Turner, Curtis Newsome, Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Sherri Woodard.
The June 13, 2012 minutes were sent online to the Board.  Yeas and/or nays, and corrections were emailed to Jeff Turner who then notified the Recording Secretary, Felice Hancock that the Minutes were passed.  Minutes were motioned to be accepted by Jeff Turner and seconded by Nancy Turner.
Nancy Turner Treasurer’s Report for July placed the BNRP with revenue of $88.82; expenses of $2,530.73.
Bobby Turner sent the Membership Secretary’s Report noting that there were now 140 members.  Welcome to the new members who are: Bryce Cutriell, Michael Cuthriell, Shelby Cuthriell, and Terri Cuthriell of Smithfield AND Edward Hotchkiss and Millie Hotchkiss of Franklin.

Riverkeeper Report
Riverkeeper Report by Jeff Turner

6/15     Sent thank you letters to Dominion Volunteers and Max Bartholomew for pier extension project at Barrett’s Landing, Franklin .

6/19     Eco-Cruise for PDCCC/Paul D. Camp Community College ’s annual summer Kidd’s College had 7 young people.

6/21     The second Eco-Cruise for Kidd’s College had 11 people.

6/23     Eco Cruise for PDCCC Regional History Class for area teachers in grades K-12, which had been delayed from the spring semester, was successfully held with 9 participants (including freelance news reporter Stephen Cowles, who writes for the Tidewater News).

6/28     A week after alerting the Franklin City Animal Control Officer of sightings by fishermen of a large cottonmouth around the Franklin boat ramp, the city reported that they disposed of a 5 ft cottonmouth on the 28th.  I could not verify that was the species.

Old Business

Nancy Turner reported that VFH/Virginia Foundation for the Humanities had sent the final payment of $360.00 from the Water-powered Mills grant project.

New Business

Anne Parker emailed the suggestion that the BNRP consider selecting which Saturday in April 2013 to hold Clean Rivers’ Day (dates would be April 13, 20, or 27), so that area organizations and can place the information on their event calendars.   She remembered that it was suggested not to hold the event during Spring Turkey Season.

Turkey season:
Youth Spring Turkey Hunt Day April 6, 2013.

Spring Season Statewide April 13 – May 4, 2013; May 6 – 18, 2013.

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