May Meeting Minutes

12 Jun
June 12, 2014

Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper Program May 14, 2014 as recorded by Felice Hancock, Recording Secretary

The meeting had 5 people attending, including Board Members Jeff Turner and Nancy Turner. An area resident from Courtland, Eric Lehman, who has enjoyed reading the BNRP column in the Tidewater News, attended the meeting.
Due to President Newsome’s illness, Jeff Turner presided over the meeting. Turner first requested Secretary Hancock read April Minutes. As there is not a voting quorum present, these minutes will be sent over the internet and corrected and/or approved
Next, Jeff Turner requested the Treasurer’s Report from Nancy Turner. April 2014 revenue was $266.87; expenses were $4,899.83 (including liability insurance and Clean Rivers Day supplies.
Lastly, Bobby Turner gave the Membership Report as totaling 140 supporters including new members Kathy Edwards of Branchville; Beth Fox of Capron; Nancy Reid of Zuni; James W. Shelton of Richmond; and, the Woman’s Club of Windsor. Welcome to our new members.

Riverkeeper Report by Jeff Turner, Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper
4/10: E-mailed letter Curtis Newsome gave me about Virginia Department of Transportation coming onto private property to do surveying. Sent copies to VA Governor McAuliffe and Secretary of Natural Resources, Molly Ward.
4/11: Sent U.S. Army Corp of Engineers request for help with removing log jam below Burdette. They responded with request for more information. I sent more pictures and maps.
4/12: Clean Rivers Day 2014 — 182 volunteers participated, removing 6562 pounds of trash. Ranks 3rd heaviest CRD with 4th largest in volunteers since starting the effort in 2001.
4/15: Sent Nancy Reid (Environmental Compliance Officer for Franklin/Southampton) information and pictures of trash issue at Web Commons Apts. in Franklin.
4/16: Citizen alerted me to trash dump on Joyners Bridge Rd. Contacted Isle of Wight.
4/17: International Paper told me they located eagles’ nest which I told them about on their property. They followed that up with a letter telling me that they would be heavily posting the property from Washole Creek to the 58 By-pass.
4/17: Presentation to Windsor Women’s Club. 30 attended.
5/1: Presentation to Windsor Boy Scout Troop 41, 20 attended.
5/10: BNRP Festival, about 35 attended. Attending all expressed their appreciation for the day on the river and activities. There was a discussion of holding the event again next year but not on Mother’s Day Weekend, perhaps the weekend before. Top winners at BNRP Festival were: John Bunch–$100 Ace gift card Corn Hole Deadeye Competition; Stefanie Hancock Brooks– $100 Applebee’s gift card for BB Competition; Josh Brooks– pair of fishing boots for Fishing Competition.

Old Business:
Water-Mill Booklets: Felice Hancock will discuss the opportunity with her Western Tidewater Regional Humanities Council members about selling this booklet in area historical societies/museum gift shops.

New Business:
Sean Maconaghy reports that the new company name for Hercules-Ashland will be SOLENIS. They are working on an air permit renewal along with Arkema. There have been no water quality issues over the last 2 months; passed toxicity testing for April 2014. Had a 2-week shutdown last week of April and first week of May to do work on water tower and do preventative maintenance and inspections in process areas.
Guest, Eric Lehman and shared his fishing experiences on our rivers.

With no further business, Jeff turner adjourned the meeting.

~ end ~

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