May 2015 Meeting Minutes

19 Aug
August 19, 2015

As recorded by Felice Hancock, Recording Secretary


The Meeting at the Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center Conference Room had 9 members present including BNRP Board Members: Chairman Curtis Newsome, Sherri Woodward, Anne Parker and Nancy Turner with Jeff Turner attending via conference call.  Chairman Newsome called the meeting to order with a welcome and requested The April Minutes be read.  Nancy Turner motioned that the minutes be approved and this was seconded by Anne Parker.  Minutes passed.

Next Chairman Newsome asked for the Treasurer’s report from Nancy Turner.  For the month of April 2015 the Revenue  was $98.52; Expenses  were $3,097.23

Membership Secretary Bobby Turner then reported that the membership stands at 139 paid members, with a new member being Thomas Wilbern of Smithfield, VA.  Welcome to Mr. Wilbern!


May 2015 Riverkeeper Report

By Jeff Turner, Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper

4/9:  I sent Department of Environmental Quality information on the Styrofoam  in the Nottoway River above Vicks Island.

4/10:  The County of Southampton is brought into the investigation.

4/11:  3-day patrol on Nottoway River  in Courtland area.  Picked up six more bags of Styrofoam.

4/15:  Met with John Kirk and Stephen Living from VA Department of Game & Inland Fisheries to discuss pier extension at Hercules ramp.

4/16:  Took  WAVY reporter Matt Gregory and cameraman to Styrofoam log jam

4/17:  New adjusted Clean River Day total is 84 volunteers and 2875 lbs.,  this is final adjustment I will make.

4/21:  2-day patrol Nottoway picked up 4 more bags Styrofoam in Nottoway

4/23:  3-day patrol Nottoway Delaware area, no Styrofoam, but plenty of other trash.

4/28:  Southampton County Sheriff’s Dept. called to warm me about retaliation from Fowlers who are the people that dumped Styrofoam.

4/30:  Call from Rex Alphin saying Isle of Wight County will hire contractor to clean up Zuni Blackwater dump site. Said property would be sold at auction for back taxes.

5/2:  Informed by VDGIF that an arrest was made in the dumping case at the Zuni Blackwater site.

5/3:  Awarded $500 from Franklin Rotary, banquet at the Village Grill.

5/5:   3-day patrol on Blackwater River above and below Joyners Bridge.  Someone has cleared log-jams and I was now able to boat from Joyners Bridge to Burdette and from Joyners Bridge downriver to Franklin for the first time in years.  I picked up an astounding amount of trash.

Styrofoam clean-up has yielded approximately 90 bags removed from the river.  A boom has been deployed to catch some more if we have a high water event.  Investigation is ongoing.


Other Business:

Maggie Pagels from Solenis (The New Name for Ashland Water Technologies) attended meeting and introduced herself.    She will come to the monthly meetings, continuing to keep the group abreast of plant operations and address any water quality questions.

Nancy Turner confirmed via email that the Bronco Rod & Gun Club (31040 Delaware Road, Franklin, VA  23851) has been officially booked for Saturday, September 26, 2015 for the BNRP’s annual banquet/picnic.



With no further business, Chairman Newsome dismissed the meeting.   Our next meeting will be on June 10/Wednesday, 2015 at 7:30 pm; and is opened to members and the public at the Workforce Center in Franklin.




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