May 8, 2013 Meeting Minutes

13 May
May 13, 2013

as recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The meeting had 9 members present, with Board of Directors attending
as follows: Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, and Sherri
Woodard. Guest included Robert Woodard.
Curtis Newsome opened the meeting with a welcome and requested that
the minutes from the April meeting be read. Jeff Turner then motioned
that the minutes be approved, and the motion was seconded by Nancy
Turner. The minutes were passed.
Newsome next requested that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report.
Nancy reported a revenue of $253.56; expenses of $3,245.43.
Bobby Turner gave the Membership Secretary’s report noting 125 paid
members, with two new members, M/M Lee and Brenda Tolliver of
Franklin. Welcome to our new members.

Riverkeeper Report
by Jeff Turner
4/18 Radio infomercial at WLQM about Clean River Day with host Dan Preston

4/19 Spoke at Franklin Rotary Club about CRD; invited by Jim Councill.

4/20 CRD: see details at end of report for April 20, 2013 and summary
of previous years.

4/22 Informed I am winner of Field & Stream Magazine’s “Hero of
Conservation” award. Official press release forthcoming will be in
the June issue. A $500 grant will be awarded to the BNRP. I was
nominated by Felice Hancock.

4/23 Contacted Rex Alphin, Isle of Wight farmer, about spill for
follow up. He stated he would remove skimmer boom from the
Blackwater River at spill location. He removed dirt from site and oil
tank was removed.

4/24 I removed 2nd oil boom from Burdette Bridge area. Still a
strong smell of diesel was present. I discovered a large amount
still being retained by a log jam that I busted up. It was a nasty

5/7 John Settle, Department of Environmental Quality, called to tell
me final report was in from VA Department of Emergency Management.
Alphin case now closed.

Contacted Brian Van Eerden of The Nature Conservancy upon getting
information about possible logging of swamp downriver from Dockside
on the Nottoway River. Land owner is Sylvia Stradley whom he said he
would contact to see if what options are available (such as purchasing
the land or getting a better buffer etc.)

Marian Watson from the Center for Conservation Biology at the College
of William & Mary said they did flyover last weekend of eagle nest on
rivers. Blackwater nest had 2 chicks and the Nottoway site at
Courtland had 1. Chicks are 7-8 weeks old.

Other Business

Sean Maconaghy from Hercules-Ashland reported that the new boat
landing area is being well used by the public. Some landscaping
around the area is being considered. An old well has been
‘discovered” which is 710 feet deep and goes into the upper and lower
aquifers. Analyzing how to close the well.

Jeff Turner will check
out the new landing site for some new Eco-Cruise opportunities on the
Nottoway River.
No further business presented, President Newsome dismissed the meeting.

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