May 2016 Meeting Minutes

10 Jun
June 10, 2016

May 11th, 2016

As recorded by John Bunch, acting Secretary

The monthly BNRP meeting held at The Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center had 5 people attending. Board Members were Nancy Turner, Jeff Turner, and Curtis Newsome. Bobby Turner and John Bunch (acting Secretary) were also in attendance.

Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then asking that John Bunch read the minutes from the April meeting. They were read and there were no comments. Curtis then asked for a motion to adopt the minutes as they stand. Jeff Turner made that motion and was seconded by Nancy Turner. A vote was taken and the minutes were adopted as were.

Nancy then presented the Treasurer’s Report, saying that expenses for the month of April were $10,696.02, revenue was $1392.02. Large expenses for the month were for the purchase of a Pontoon boat outboard motor and for liability insurance.

Bobby then gave the membership report saying there are currently 135 members including the addition of the new member Curt Bunch.

Riverkeeper Report

4/14 3 day patrol Nottoway at Courtland.  Lots trash, discovered Assamoosic logging

4/17  Sent DOF Scott Bachman questions about Assamoosic logging.

4/18 Got answers back from DOF Scott Bachman and Brian Irvine. Mr. Bachman stated” One thing I can tell you that this is obviously outside the Chesapeake Bay Protection area.  There is no requirement to leave a buffer on a stream outside of the Bay Area.  Water Quality must however be maintained. “

My Reply: So are you saying that if this was the Ches Bay watershed this would not have happened? Are there different logging rules for our watershed and Ches Bay? If so, who decides that and puts those into place?

Mr. Bachmans reply: Yes there are different protections for Stream Side Management Zones in the Bay water shed than any other watershed in the Commonwealth.  The Governor of Virginia along with the I believe 6 other governors in the Bay watershed signed on to the Chesapeake Bay act decades ago.  There is no other multi-state agreement for a watershed in the country that I know of.  Brian I’m sure can tell you more.  We of course always recommend that BMP’s be put in place.  Outside of the Chesapeake Bay Act areas they are voluntary.

Them Mr. Irvine contacted me and stated: Mr. Turner,

Scott has answered everything sufficiently to this point so I don’t have much to add.  One thing I do want to clarify is the harvest was done in 2010.

We looked around to make sure there had not been any timber harvests conducted that we were unaware of, and did not find any.


4/18 sent Mr. Charles Graning from N&S RR pics of drift on their RR trestle above Courtland. I do not know if action has been taken.


4/20 2-day patrol BW above Joyners Bridge. No water quality issues.


4/25 2-day patrol BW below Franklin. No water quality issues.


4/30 Attended Community Day Franklin Methodist Church with Bobby and Nancy Turner helping run the BNRP info booth. Curtis Newsome and Blackwater Tradition serenaded the crowd. Apprx 700 attended.


5/7 Call from NC fellow, ash trees dying along the river in Gatesville to Windsor NC.

5/8 3-day patrol BW below Franklin. Lots trash

Clean Rivers Month

As of this writing we had 19 teams/129 people, 5785 pounds. Teams participating were (in no particular order) Historic Southside Virginia Master Naturalist, Franklin Lions Club, Franklin Alpha Kappa Sorority, Joyner Gray Yale Ruritans, Franklin Garden Club, Team Felice Hancock, Hubs Peanuts, Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia, International Paper, Country Acres Garden Club, Team Turner/Rogers, Team Davenport, Blackwater Outfitters, Team Curtis Newsome, YMCA Leaders Club, Team Dick Gilbert, Team Caleb Nixon and of course me. Also making this event a success was the City of Franklin, Southampton County and the fine folks at Courtland VDOT. I thank you all very much.  The heavyweight team this year was International Paper.  Strangest item found goes to Hubs for finding a stereo turntable. Special mention to the Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia for dealing with a bunch of tractor-trailer tires (1000 pounds) that were dumped at the state boat facility at Careys Bridge.

New Business:

  • Dismal Swamp Nobody Knows book

New book coming out containing additional information on the Dismal Swamp that is in addition to the original Dismal Swamp Atlas. Jeff was asked by the Va Canals & Navigations Society to look over it prior to being published for his comments. This will contain a lot more of the Dismal Swamp’s history and looks like it will be a worthwhile book to have.

  • New Pop-up Rain Cover

Jeff brought up that he’d like to replace the old heavy pop-up rain cover with a newer light-weight one. This would be used at events where the BNRP has its display table setup. Jeff requested that this be purchased at a cost of $532.90. Nancy made the motion to purchase the pop-up, seconded by Curtis, and passed by the group.


With no additional business, Curtis adjourned the meeting.

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