May 2012 Meeting Minutes

11 May
May 11, 2012

May 9, 2012

as recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The meeting had 6 members present, with Board of Directors attending as follows: Jeff Turner, Curtis Newsome, and Nancy Turner.

Curtis Newsome opened the meeting with a welcome and requested that the minutes from the April meeting be read.  Jeff Turner then motioned that the minutes be approved, and the motion was seconded by Nancy Turner.  Minutes were passed.

Newsome next requested that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report.  Nancy reported on April’s Treasurer’s report with revenue of $479.00; expenses of $6,882.13.

Bobby Turner gave the Membership Secretary’s report noting 133 members including one new member – welcome to Nina Whitley!

Riverkeeper Report

Riverkeeper Report by Jeff Turner

4/20 Phyllis Rasnake from Zuni called to thank the Riverkeeper for the assistance in getting Dominion Power Company to clear the Blackwater River from downed trees and debris resulting from the power line construction.  This was a major cleanup.

4/21 Virginia’s Historic Garden Week, represented by the Franklin Garden Club, sent two thank you cards via Gayle Urquhart (chair) and Judy Livesay (co-chair) for the Eco-cruises conducted on April 21—a donation of $100.00 was received.  Three cruises with 30 individuals in attendance were held; historian/author Daniel Balfour and Paul C. Camp Community College’s President Dr. Paul Conco were among the guests.

4/28 Clean Rivers Day 2012 resulted in 187 volunteers collecting 34 tires and 6335 pounds of trash.                                                                                                                                                               This is the 4th highest year in weight, with the average of 6212 pounds. The year 2003 had 35 pounds less.                                                                                                                                                This is the 3rd highest year for volunteer numbers, the average being 144.            The best year was 2011 with 234 people and the worst was 2009 with 109.                                                                        In 12 years of CRDs, there has been a total volunteer force of 1,731 individuals with total trash collected of 74,544 pounds (over 34 tons)!

5/2 The Riverkeeper e-mailed Franklin City Government staff Russ Pace, Donald Goodwin, and Sheila Baker about the large amount of litter behind the Huddle House on Armory Drive.

Other Business

New weight restriction of 280 pounds for an individual during Eco-cruises was discussed and will be included in the policy.

Tour of Hercules-Ashland expansion improvements for BNRP Board will be held on May 16 at 6 pm.

May 9 meeting at Southampton County’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting room in Courtland, to be held at 7:30pm, to discuss the proposed new boat ramp for the Shady Brook area at Hercules-Ashland site.

New BNRP DVD’s are now available, 100 copies.

New BNRP hats suggested, as the 2002 lot has been sold out.  Jeff Turner will get a quote and discuss this further at the June Meeting.

The Robo Regetta will be held on May 12/Saturday from 1 to 4 pm at Barrett’s Landing.  Elizabeth Burgess is chair.

The Pier Project for Baretts Landing is planned to start on May 23.

No further items, Curtis Newsome concluded the meeting.

~ end ~

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