May 15th Blackwater Patrol

20 May
May 20, 2016

Cold Snap Freezes Frogs

Spirit of Moonpie and I spent the 15th through the 16th on the Blackwater below the Rt. 603 Steel Bridge. That’s upriver from Burdette in case you don’t know.  The water was high at 7 ft on the Burdette USGS gauge, fast and 65 degrees. Air temps ranged from 40 to 72 degrees.  Trash on this trip was light and I saw no water quality issues or derelict limb lines or anything bad thank goodness. It was the first stress free trip I have had in quite some time and that was very nice. I was surprised the fishing was as decent as it was. I caught right many nice bream, some speckle, bass and chain pickerel.  All caught on a Mepps Minnow. Most of the fish were up in the woods with the high water, so I just fished in the woods!  The only issue I had on his trip was the fact I had to for the 4th time come in like 6 weeks come home a day early due to rain. This time I cannot blame it on NOAA. They had forecasted rain for the third day; I was just hoping it would come later in the day allowing me to pack down dry. However that ended up not being how it was, so I left the second day and was glad I did. It rained hard and early the next day and I hate breaking camp in the rain. I guess I have just got soft in my old age…NOT!

On the one night we got to enjoy, I was surprised early on to hear the frogs in the little beaver pond at base camp still vocalizing because it was right chilly.  Moonpie made mention that as the night progressed and it got colder and colder (into the 40’s), we heard less and less frog talk.  Finally around 11 that night it was down to one hard-core frog speaking.  Thereafter about every 30 minutes until we went to bed that one frog would barely eek out an eeeeerrrrrr.  After we hit the sack Moonpie even said” is that frog saying eeeerrrr or is it saying bbrrrrrrrr?  I imagine it was BBRRRRR I replied as I slid deep into my barely adequate 45-degree sleeping bag and proceeded to hibernate for the night once again on the two rivers we call the Blackwater and Nottoway.

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