May 14, 2008 Meeting Minutes

16 May
May 16, 2008

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary

Otto Wachsmann opened the meeting by asking for the reading of the previous month’s minutes. Following the reading, Jeff Turner made the comment that Polly Cook had requested that Jeff bring Moon Pie to see her and it just so happened to be her birthday when he did. Otto then brought into discussion concerning whether the discussion of Jeff’s salary should be posted on the Internet. It was decided that this information be left off from the website posting. Jeff agreed that in the future, were this discussion to show in the minutes, that he would glean it out before posting. It was then agreed to adopt the minutes.
Bobby Turner then reported out that the group now stood at 127 members, a gain of five since the April meeting.
Nancy Scott, reported April expenses to be $1511.54, revenues of $243.00. The bulk of the influx was membership dues, and the bulk of the expenses were for salary and paying taxes. Nancy then brought up the proposed 2008 budget which generated a little discussion. She pointed out that the Reserve Fund contains the money (in addition to money from the Volvo award) that will go towards the purchase of a new truck. Discussion then centered around the understanding of the revenues contained in the itemized lines. Otto then recommended the treasure’s report be accepted, Jeff made the motion, Sherri seconded and it was passed by voting.
The meeting had 7 in attendance and the BOD members present were Otto Wachsmann, Nancy Scott, Sherri Woodard, and Jeff Turner.

The Riverkeeper Report
As presented by Jeff Turner

On 4/10 – Spent three days on the Nottoway below Delaware. The water looked good, but high and was almost flooded out of the campsite.
On 4/15 – Sent a letter to Senator Louise Lucas concerning requiring PFD’s for children. Virginia does not have a requirement law for its waters.
Also on this day, attended a closed meeting with Barry Steinberg (lawyer for NO OLF), Tony Clark, Mike Johnson, Mary Jones (Sussex), Tyrone Franklin (Surry), Reggie Owens (Greensville), Harrell Turner (local forester) on NO OLF strategies. Am not able to comment on the meeting’s proceedings at this time.
On 4/16 – Guided the Yakity Yak Kayak Club, a group of women in their 60’s and 70’s headed by Jack Camp’s daughter, on the Blackwater. Gave a bit of presentation concerning the river as we were moving along.
On 4/17 – Sent a public comment letter to DEQ regarding the requested permit change by the City of Franklin for an increased copper limit in their wastewater discharge permit. Had done some research, along with the help from the WKA, on being able to put together the wording of this letter. A copy of the letter is on the BNRP website.
On 4/19 – Clean Rivers Day was held. 110 volunteers collected 193 bags of trash and 16 tires which represented 6560 pounds. An in-depth account can be found in the newsletter on the website.
On 4/26 – Friends of the Meherrin held their Clean Rivers Day. Participants removed 10 bags of trash from the river and a good time was had by all and the area looked fairly clean to start with. (Sherri reported out that during this cleanup that she had found a bottle containing a message in it dated 6/14/2007 and will be meeting with the girl that released it from McKinney, near the source of the Meherrin).
On 4/29 – Met Susan Block, who is writing a biography of Jack Camp, at the Elms and had lunch with her. She wants to help secure more funding for the BNRP.
On 4/30 – Met with Jack Camp, Susan Block, and four other Camp family friends for lunch at the Southern Sisters in Courtland. Talked about the book being written on Mr. Camp’s life and the history of the Camp family legacy in our area.
On 5/1 – Was informed by the DEQ that the fish consumption advisory signs for Mercury had been printed. This has been a long time coming.
On 5/4 – Sent a letter to Volvo USA seeking help with the purchase of a Ford pickup truck. (Reason being the Ford owns Volvo). They agreed to help in this and the wording of “Sponsored by Volvo-for-Life” will probably be painted on the truck in appreciation of this.
On 5/5 – Gave a presentation to the Carrsville Ruritan Club showing a group of about 25 the same presentation that was made at this year’s banquet. Was introduced to speak by Jack Story Jr.
On 5/6 – Spent three days on the Blackwater below Franklin and the trash was bad considering that CRD was recently held.
On 5/13 – Have run out of River Atlases. Am contacting the Trouts to see about getting another case of them at a cost of $400.
June 6-8 is free-fishing days in Virginia when no license is required.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report

New Business:


Old Business:

Water Testing:

We will be receiving new coliform testing equipment soon. Have worked through most all of the original pieces of equipment.

Gathering Place for the Monthly Meetings:

Tonight is the final meeting night at the Walter Cecil Rawls Library. Starting with June, the monthly meetings will now be held at the Workforce Development Center. It just didn’t work out to be able to continue to meet at the library which will also mean a little longer drive for a few of our regular meeting participants. There will be a small fee associated with the renting of this space.

Jeopardy Software:

Jeff still needs to talk with the area schools to see if there is interest in pursuing this game development. It would be a school game to be used as a teaching tool that would be specifically tailored around information on our rivers and their watershed. There was discussion concerning on how to make this be feasible for the schools.

Change in the By-Laws:

Jeff went over a proposed change to be made in the by-laws concerning funds. Specifically to be changed in Article VI E to read “Purchase or expenditure of BNRP funds for items exceeding $200 by the Riverkeeper or $400 by the Executive Administrator must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors”. There followed some discussion on clarity and then Jeff made the motion to adopt the wording change, Nancy seconded and it was passed by voting.


Otto reported that the Southampton Co. students would not be able to do the stormwater tag-a-drain project as hoped. Jeff reported that he had lined up some boy scouts to help with this on 5/31.
Also, we decided to do a river retreat on a Sunday afternoon in June. Date will be determined at a later time.

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