May 12, 2010 Meeting Minutes

14 May
May 14, 2010

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary Curtis Newsome was not able to make it due to a flat tire, so Jeff Turner ran the meeting. Jeff requested that John Bunch read the minutes from the previous monthly meeting.

The minutes were read, motion made by Anne Parker to adopt, seconded by Nancy Turner, and passed with no changes. Jeff asked Nancy for the treasurer’s report for April. She reported that revenues were $400.00 (dues for memberships and atlas sales income), expenses were $1296.08. Nancy then gave the membership report in Bobby Turner’s absence. The group now stands at 124, an addition of 3 members from the previous month. The meeting had 6 in attendance (low number due in part due to the strong storm that had just rolled through) and BOD members present were Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Jeff Turner. The Riverkeeper Report As presented by Jeff Turner On 4/17 – The Zuni Reunion Day, sponsored by the Zuni Ruritan Club, was held. BNRP had an info table manned by Curtis Newsome and his son, Wyatt. Interested parties were lured to the info table by live music played by Curtis and Wyatt and BNRP literature was handed out to those listeners. The Blackwater and Beyond Event, sponsored by The Franklin Garden Club, was held at the Zuni Pine Barrens. Anne Parker chaired this event and also managed a BNRP info table. There were two tours into the Pine Barrens with a very good turnout. Discovered that Delegate Albert Pollard was responsible for the PFD Bill being pigeon-holed. He represents the 99th District that’s located near Richmond. I am working towards a story that is planned to run in newspapers in his area and ours. I am also working to secure TV coverage, but am first waiting to hear comments from him for an explanation before moving forward. On 4/20 – Held discussions with City of Norfolk contractors concerning the removal of the overhead pipe line at Burdette. I informed them of NOAA grants available for removal of fish restricting structures such as the log jams and the pipe that is causing the jams at the Burdette Pumping Station. Maybe they can apply for the grants and remove both pipelines. On 4/23 – I was placed in the hospital today (Friday) for shoulder surgery and not released until the following Monday. On 4/24 – Clean Rivers Day 2010. There were 147 volunteers who collected and removed 4,135# of trash. This was the lowest total weight we’ve had so far, but not the lowest volunteer count (100 in 2005). The Franklin Garden Club came in first with the most collected weight. This was the first year that CRD was held without The Riverkeeper. Dean Wagonbach stepped in to fill in for Jeff and for that was awarded a year’s membership to the group. On 5/11 – Sent public comment to DEQ regarding Neblett’s Mill Run TMDL (total max daily load). This is a large tributary to the Nottoway north of Homeville. It’s listed as impaired for fecal coliform and E. coli bacteria. The model is listing only a single failed septic system out of the stated 16 in that drainage. Yet the contractors doing the TMDL study say DNA testing shows that 42% of the bacteria originates from humans. This concluded the Riverkeeper Report Other Items: – The purchase of new T-shirts – The group is out of T-shirts to sell and looking to get shirts printed with a similar design that the original shirts had. Slated to cost ~$1700. Curtis and Sherri (BOD members) had voted to go with this decision and after some general discussion, Anne and Nancy (BOD) voted yes also. – The purchase of an Epson Moviemate projector – The In-focus donated from IP has served the group well, but with presenting to larger audiences and having to supply a sound system while giving these presentations, along with other support equipment, the purchase of this projector would enable the user to have a stand-alone device. This projector has 4 built-in speakers, an internal DVD player, can be projected onto a large sized-wall, very easy to operate, and is much better equipped to give presentations in a large room. Curtis and Sherri had voted yes to this purchase prior to the meeting and Nancy and Anne voted yes following its discussion. – Concerning CRD, Anne brought up that with Easter and Earth Day landing on the same weekend in 2011, and in order to have good participation from other area groups, another weekend should be found for CRD. Anne also said that this rescheduling should soon be decided upon so those groups can get it on their schedules which they make up far in advance. – Sean Maconaghy reported for Ashland concerning their remediation project, they are dewatering the lagoon and having to deal with stabilizing a thin sludge layer. So far 8800 tons of stabilized sludge have been removed and that stabilization should be completed the 1st or 2nd week in June. The project should be completed in mid-summer. Also, completed a 2nd toxicity test for the year which uses water fleas as the testing subject. The water fleas survived, but did not reproduce as per requirements of the test and this had to be reported in the test results. High COD was the culprit and an investigation is being performed to narrow down the cause for the elevated COD. – John Bunch mentioned that the mill will be losing another 350 employees this upcoming Friday (5/14). Also, mentioned that IP would be having another release season in the upcoming winter months.

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