May 11, 2011 Meeting Minutes

19 May
May 19, 2011

As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary The meeting had 8 members and 2 guests in attendance, and the Board of Director’s members who were present were as follows: Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, and Curtis Newsome. Jeff Turner opened the meeting by requesting the Minutes from April be read by Felice Hancock. Jeff motioned the minutes be approved, seconded by Nancy Turner, and passed. Jeff next requested that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report. April revenue was $266.68 and expenses were $3,343.92. Bobby Turner was then asked to give a membership report, and cited 122 members as of the end of April. Riverkeeper Report 4/14: Received International Paper’s blessing on Franklin pier project, as adjacent landowner. Signed by Sheryl Raulston and Jeff Turner, the document was sent on to Phil Sherman with the City of Franklin. 4/15: Received e-mail from Bob Adkins concerning trash in the ditch behind Ace hardware coming from the BB&T bank construction site. In a nutshell he said he talked to the construction site supervisor and explained the issue. The construction site supervisor said he would take care of the issue. No further issues at this site noted. 4/18: Advised by VA Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries that they were setting turtle traps on the lower Nottoway for a general survey conducted by John Kleofer (VDGIF Biologist/Herpetologist). No previous surveys documented on turtles. 4/19: Met with WHRO film crew at the Franklin Boat Landing for interviews and filming for the award. 4/26: Received complaint from a lady that owns land by the Murphy Brown hog farms at Proctors Bridge. Complainant stated she had seen MB farms doing questionable practices in the past and had pictures. Turner contacted Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and talked to them. He was informed that they could not investigate past transgressions. Riverkeeper assistance offered to investigate any new questionable issues she witnessed as well as suggestions on collecting information/pictures, etc. 4/29: Bobby Turner and Riverkeeper replaced runners/bunks on the Eco-Cruise boat trailer at the Franklin ramp. Jeff sent a letter to all Franklin City Council Members, the Mayor, and the City Manager inviting them on an Eco-Cruise. No response, possibly due to internal matters. 5/6: Discussions with DEQ about Courtland USA. An inspection by DEQ on Sept 28th of 2010 found numerous permit violations: training; reporting to DEQ; failure to develop a SWP3; failure to cover or protect industrial materials from rain; and failure to conduct annual CSCE (comprehensive site compliance evaluation). These same deficiencies were noted in a prior inspection in 2008 at which time DEQ issued a warning letter. This time they have been fined $5,740. Jeff asked if Courtland USA was up to snuff yet and the answer was “no” and further quote: “the first report is due under the Order on June 1 by which time Mr. Lock needs to decide whether or not he is going to continue with his auto salvage business or limit it to selling used vehicles. 5/11: Jeff and several BNRP members attended the 3rd annual WHRO Community Impact Award banquet and accepted WHRO Unsung Hero Award. Nominated by Felice Hancock for award, recognition included a check for $1,000 was donated to the BNRP, a 4 minute promotional video, and trophy. New Business Wick Harlan from DEQ presented the 16th annual Governors Environmental Excellence Award during the meeting. BNRP was nominated by Sherri Woodard, Lynda Updike (Southampton County Historical Society), and Felice Hancock. Tidewater News sent a reported to cover the event. The WHRO Community Impact Award Luncheon was attended by Jeff Turner, Bobby and Nancy Turner, Lynda McCane, Felice Hancock, Rev. Ben Duffey, Dr. Robert Edwards and two individuals who sent in letters of support on behalf of Jeff — Michael Johnson (Southampton County Manager) and David Bearinger (VFH/VA Foundation for the Humanities Program & Grant Director). Other Business Felice Hancock was thrilled to report that the 3 oral interviews conducted by Dr. Lynn Rainville as part of the VFH grant had been transcribed from the digital recording (issue of technology not being ‘friendly’). The artist has begun drawings on several diagrams of mill operations. No further items, Curtis Newsome concluded the meeting.

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