March 5th through the 7th Nottoway Trip

07 Mar
March 7, 2009

Moonpie & I spent the 5th through the 7th on the Nottoway below the Bronco Club. The water was high, muddy, fast and 39 degrees in the river but 45 in the coves.

Air temps ranged from 31 to 70 degrees. The fishing started out pretty bad. On the first day I tried for white perch with no luck then striped bass with no luck. The second day I fished for shad half a day with no luck. Then said the heck with the anadromous fish and started casting for bass. Wow, did I ever find them! The first gut I found them in I caught 5 from a pound to 2 1/2 pounds. The next cove I caught three more with one over 5 and one 4.10 pounds. That was really fun and it shut Moonpie up. She had been muttering skunk for the last two days. All the fish were caught on a 4” blue back AC Shiner. That’s a great lure this time of the year as it “matches the hatch” so to speak. With the coves 6 or more degrees warmer than the river, I imagine that was a big reason I found them there. Now on to the ugly stuff we found out there. Trash was pretty bad this trip for the Nottaway. The high water washed a lot out of the swamps. However the trash I picked up in the back of Simm’s Gut or Simmons’s gut (as it is erroneously sometimes called) did not wash out of the swamp. This is one of several times I have picked up a bunch of cans mostly Bud Light and pepsi cans in the back of this creek. There is a little landing back there somebody has made up real nice, sort of a private riverside park. Unfortunately somebody who uses it does not know how to use a trashcan. It’s a shame that whoever owns this nice place has guest going back there trashing such a pretty spot on the river. Let me be clear, I do not think the owners are doing this as they keep the place spotless. Somebody who takes that much care to keep their property nice would not throw stuff in the river. If you’re the owner and you read this, how bout giving me a call and I’ll explain in greater detail. The only other problem I saw on the river was a No Wake buoy at the Bronco Club that is now just about submerged and is creating a boating hazard. I have contacted the county and I’m sure they will take care of it real soon but in the meantime watch out for it if you’re boating in that area. On the way to the campsite that first day we saw a bald eagle. We usually start seeing them about this time of year as they are nesting now. Since 1996 I have had over 80 eagles sighting in this area. It looks like they have a pretty good foothold or talon hold I should say now in our community. It is something that is truly great to see on our two rivers we call the Nottoway & Blackwater.

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  1. elaineherring says:

    Do you have any pictures of any of the eagles you have seen? It would be great to see some on your web site. Hope you do! ebh

  2. Riverkeeper says:

    I will try to get some on here today.

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