March 2016 Meeting Minutes

17 Apr
April 17, 2016

The monthly meeting held at The Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center Conference Room had 7 people attending, including BNRP Board Members:  Jeff Turner (tying in with a conference call while on the river), Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Curtis Newsome. Bobby Turner and Curt Newsome, were in attendance along with John Bunch acting as Secretary due to Felice Hancock’s absence.

Prior to the start of the meeting we initiated a conference call with Jeff who was out camping on the river. Chairman Newsome then welcomed everyone and asked was there any need to read the meeting minutes as everyone had already seen them? It was decided to read them anyway, which John did. Anne made the motion to adopt the minutes with no changes needed, seconded by Nancy, and passed unanimously.

Next, Nancy gave the Treasurer’s Report, saying that expenses for the month of February were $2295.83, revenue was $2412.01.

Bobby then gave the membership report saying there are currently 156 members, of which 62 have not renewed as of yet from the previous year.

Riverkeeper Report

2/11 Sent letter to BNRP Chairman Curtis Newsome to deliver to S.C. Litter Control explaining issues with county trash haulers.

Discussions with DEQ Deputy Regional Director Kyle Winter about Atlantic Waste Sussex landfill. Expecting leachate analysis from him soon.

Clean Rivers Month letter drawn up sent to Nancy for approval. Mailed

2/15 Called Barky Wright and asked that invoice for Olive monument be sent to Nancy. On Feb. 23rd the project leader Joe Stutts died.

2/19 3 day patrol below Franklin, terrible trash, as bad as I have seen in years.

2/23  Sent VDGIF Ramp maintenance John Kirk info on the dump truck loads of debris deposited at the state ramp on RT 603. Also informed VDGID enforcement.

Sent Franklin Manager Randy Martin pics and info on tree and litter blockage of Bogart St. ditch. Asked that trash be removed with tree. Trash was not removed.

2/25 Letter to Franklin City Manager Randy Martin about trash being left in ditch.

2/26 Sent pics to Donald Goodwin of dumpster trash at Web apartments in Franklin going into ditch. He told me that there have been complaints.

3/1 Informed IOW, S.C., City of Franklin, H.R. Green, Adopt-A-Stream, DCR of CRM

3/2 Sent City of Franklin Donald Goodwin, Randy Martin pics of mattress and trash blockage in College Dr. ditch and trash in ditch behind Auto Zone. Mattress removed, trash in ditch once again not removed.

3/5 Sent pics of mattresses and trash behind Schewels to Martin and Goodwin.

New Business:

  • Jeff asked if the Clean Rivers Month (CRM) will be put in the paper advertising this event? Nancy responded that it had been budgeted for. It was then decided that last year’s article will be updated with current information and sent to the Tidewater News for publication prior to April.
  • Jeff then brought up the concern that the dump sites in our county will have to deal with incoming collected trash in the orange VDOT bags over the course of a month rather than a single day as in the past. This is also a concern with the collection of the trash filled bags that are left along the road for a cleanup crew to pick up. The concern was then brought up about disposal of the discarded automotive tires that are sometimes collected. Anne mentioned that she had heard the possibility of the county dump sites going to shorter operational hours. Jeff responded to all this that he would be talking with key personnel to address these concerns.


With no other business to be discussed, Curtis adjourned the meeting.



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