March 1st Through 3rd Nottoway Trip

04 Mar
March 4, 2008

Moonpie & I spent the 1st through the 3rd on the Nottoway below Delaware. The water was low, fast and 47 degrees. Air temps ranged from 25 to 60.

I had not been to this part of the river in quite some time so I was expecting the trash to be bad. I was glad to find that it was not and I saw no other water quality issues. I noticed at Monroe Bridge the phone cable that crosses the river has been raised. I had been talking to VDOT people and Verizon to see what could be done about it. The cable had gotten slack most likely from a flood or hurricane and it was getting to be a close call going under it with big boats or boats with canopies. On the first day I was excited to see a bald Eagle and maybe two in the Delaware vicinity. I had never seen one there so I’m hoping a pair has moved into the area. The fishing on this trip was pretty darn good. I caught nine rockfish though none were over 19 inches. In fact only two were the 18 inches VDGIF requires for possession and you can only keep two per day now. I caught one on a shad spoon, four on an AC Shiner and four on the Silver Buddy. I tried the shad both days but never had a hit. I did talk to a fellow though that said he had caught some Saturday. I also caught one 10-pound anchor complete with 10 ft of rope. I used my homemade lure retrieval system to bring it in then spent the next 30 minutes untangling all that mess. Well as nice as this trip was I was so disappointed to see that about a mile long stretch of the Nottoway on the West shore has been logged. Even though they left a pretty good buffer it is a shame to see the swamp logged. Now I like paper products as much as anybody but I just do not understand why there is a need to cut down 300 year old cypress trees. If it is going to be shred into mulch then that’s really a crime, or should be. Why anybody would want to grind up a 300-year-old tree to put on a flowerbed I don’t know. Why anybody would want to use cypress mulch I don’t know either. It has been proven that cypress in no more bug proof that other mulches. Please, don’t use cypress mulch. This vast lowland area will also no longer for about 100 years provide the same sponge effect during flooding that it was doing prior to logging. That means higher water levels at Dockside next flood. Yeah, Moonpie and I got out at a couple of places and just gazed across the mile wide expanse of devastation. I looked at Moonpie sitting up on one of the stumps cause she was making weird noises. She was just starring and when she turned to me I saw she was crying. She looked like Iron Eyes Cody the Indian on the old litter commercial with the tear running down his face. Got me right tearful too. Moonpie finally looked at me and said, daddy, I guess one day there won’t be anymore trees along the two rivers we call Nottoway and Blackwater will there?
I didn’t know how to answer and we walked back to the boat in silence.

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