March 13, 2013 Meeting Minutes

24 Mar
March 24, 2013

The Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper Program

As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The meeting had 10 persons in attendance, including members of the
Board of Directors as follows: Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Nancy
Turner, Anne Parker, and Sherri Woodard.
Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by requesting the Minutes from the
February Meeting be read by Felice Hancock. Jeff next made a motion
to have the minutes adopted and it was seconded by Nancy Turner.
Minutes were adopted with no changes.
Nancy Turner was then requested by Newsome to give the Treasurer’s
report. Nancy reported that for February the revenues were $1,463.52;
expenses were $2,009.19.
Bobby Turner was next called upon by Newsome to provide
the membership report. A total of 146 members are now enrolled.
Welcome to new members: Wakefield Ruritan Club (Sussex County); Tim
McCormick (Manager of the Blackwater Outfitters, Southampton County);
and Lytton Musselman (professor at Old Dominion University).

Riverkeeper Report
By Jeff Turner
2/19 Met with Byron Carmean (Champion Tree nominator); VA Department
of Conservation & Recreation/DCR staff; Rex Alphin (Board of
Supervisors in Isle of Wight County and farmer); Jane March (President
of Zuni Historical Society); and Tim McCormick (Manager of Blackwater
Outfitters); and several other interested parties to discuss canoe
access on Blackwater River at Zuni.
2/25 Sent out April 20’s Clean River Day information to agencies and
organizations, including: Department of Environmental Quality; City
of Franklin; DCR; The Nature Conservancy/THC; U.S. Dept. of
Agriculture; VA Dept. of Game in Inland Fisheries/VDGIF; Southampton
County Government; Isle of Wight County Government.
After several failed attempts to get a new Adopt-a-Stream sign for
the new boat landing off Hwy 671/Shady Brook, I talked to DCR Staff
members Executive Secretary Jackie Miller and Lynn Crump. Afterwards,
Bonnie Phillips contacted me and supposedly one is on the way
2/26 Reported to Southampton County Public Works Manager Hart Council
that I witnessed a county trash hauler with blowing trash coming from
the Sedley dump. Hart said he will talk to the driver.
2/28 Yippee! Finally after eight weeks, I was able to conduct a 3 day
patrol on the Blackwater River below Franklin. My account in one word
is – TRASH.
3/6 I alerted Southampton County’s Soil and Erosion Inspector Lee
Copeland and Beth Lewis regarding permits about possible issue on
Seacock Swamp Road. Site was inspected and found to be ditch
cleaning, so no violation.
Presentation given to Carrsville Ruritan; 20 attended.
3/7 A telephone conference was held with Jamie Brunkow, at the
Williamsburg office for the Lower James Riverkeeper Program. Shared
information and look forward to networking.
3/12 Seemed to have stirred up a hornet’s next a VDGIF after
submitting a fishing report to the VDGIF electronic newsletter. In
that report the newsletter editor edited out subtle criticism I had
made in reference to the unfinished boat ramp and how VDGIF had
mishandled the closure of the old boat ramp on the Nottoway River at
Rt 671, known as the “Hercules Landing”. The agency has now issued a
public statement alerting people to the fact that the old ramp is
closed and the new ramp is still not ready. They also released my
fishing report, still censoring my remarks about the miss handling of
the matter, typical VDGIF censorship.
3/13 Received phone call from VDGIF Biologist, Eric Brittle, giving
support from him and others from the Fisheries side of VDGIF to the
stand I took on the Hercules Landing ramp closing issue.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report.

Other Business

Sean Maconaghy from Hercules-Ashland reported that the plant is up and
running again.

Anne Parker will attend the Franklin Litter Control Council breakfast
meeting tomorrow. Next week she and Jeff turner will be guests on
the local radio Station, WLQM, for Clean River Day.

The Tidewater News newspaper will run a full
page ad and internet ad for Clean River Day. There are several other
organizations with events to be held on also April 20, such as Down
Home Day at the Southampton County Agriculture & Forestry Museum and
Heritage Village in Courtland (however, this activity does take place
in the afternoon which still leaves the morning for Clean River Day).
April is a busy month for activities.

Felice Hancock listed the minor changes to the Water-powered Mill
booklet for its second printing this spring. Among the changes will
be not using the Olde English term “watered-powered” in the
title. There will be a Route 460 Corridor Master Plan first
community meeting for input on land use concepts, Tuesday, March 19,
from 6 pm to 8 pm at Windsor High School. For information contact the
Planning and Zoning Dept. at 757/365-6276.

There being no further business, President Newsome dismissed the meeting.

~ end ~

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