March 11, 2009 Meeting Minutes

14 Mar
March 14, 2009

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary

Curtis Newsome was late arriving at the meeting so Jeff Turner opened by mentioning Nancy Turner’s birthday. He then asked Nancy for the treasurer’s report. She reported that for February, revenues were $1018.50, expenses were $3207.93. The main expenses for the month were for paying for the banquet and for insurances. She then went on to mention that the Lowe’s gift cards that were given out as prizes at the banquet were not validated. And of course this was not found out until one of the winners tried to make a purchase. The three winners were notified and checks were immediately written and mailed off.
Jeff then asked Bobby Turner for the Membership report. Bobby reported that dues had been paid for 110 members so far for 2009.
Jeff then asked that the minutes from the previous meeting be read. Minutes were read by John Bunch, motion made by Jeff to adopt, seconded by Nancy, and passed without opposition.
The meeting had 10 in attendance. The BOD members present were Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard, Jeff Turner, and Curtis Newsome.

The Riverkeeper Report
As presented by Jeff Turner

On 2/12 – Met with the Kids College personnel and working out the Eco-Cruises for this year. Have three dates set up so far and am planning this year on having the kids get out in the water at a shallow location to dig for mussels in the bottom. Am working out the details to be able to do this.
On 2/18 – The annual banquet was held with 81 in attendance. The banquet was really nice with a good turn-out. Brian Van Eerden from The Nature Conservancy was the speaker and deserving of the environmental award.
Sent letters to Delegates Bill Barlow and Roslyn Tyler, Senator Quayle, and Congressman Forbes concerning children wearing life preservers while in boats. This attempt for bill passage will not happen this year, maybe next.
On 2/22 – Asked the city (Russ Pace) to have the ditch at Ace hardware cleaned of trash that had accumulated. The trash was really bad and the city personnel gave a very quick response on getting this accomplished.
On 2/24 – Spent three days on the BW above Joyner’s Bridge and found the trash to be light.
On 3/2 – Received the new laptop and it’s quite nice. Am getting used to it.
On 3/3 – Had a phone conference with Eric Brittle (VDGIF), Brian van Eerden (TNC), and David Byrd (FWS) concerning the Burdette water pipe leading from the BW River. A plan of action was developed and a draft letter was written to secure funding for the restoration project. Chances are good that this can get done.
On 3/5 – Spent three days on the Nottoway below the Bronco Club. Trash was pretty heavy and reported some illegal limb lines to the game warden. To be legal, limb lines must have name tags attached and be maintained. These had no tags and were obviously abandoned with bait still attached.
On 3/8 – Sent a call-to-action email to group members to speak against the proposed coal fired power plant in Sussex County. There is a meeting at Dendron next week that I plan on attending. (Nancy brought up that Jeff should put the Sierra Club link that’s against this proposal on the BNRP website)
On 3/11 – At Joyner’s Bridge, met Gretchen Gonzales (Env Programs Mgr for IOW County), Mark Furlo (IOW Parks & Rec), Jane Hill (IOW Project Mgr of Engineering Dept), and Lynn Crump (DCR Env Programs Planner) to discuss the BW River Scenic Rivers designation. Plans were made for touring river segments by canoe, pontoon boat, and possibly by air over places the boats cannot travel. The designation process is coming along pretty well.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report

Other Items:

– Getting geared up slowly and surely for Clean River’s Day

– Jeff talked about attending the National River Rally to be held in Baltimore May 29th through June 1st. It is a period of intense training days with lots of workshops and it will be a chance to meet others in the business. Nancy made the motion to send Jeff to this, seconded by Curtis and passed with no opposition.

– Jeff brought up that he has 20-30 fishing reels that he would like to fix up with new line and small rods to donate to the Franklin Parks and Recreation Dept. Rather than throw these away, he felt it would be worthwhile to donate them for kids to use. It wouldn’t take much money to accomplish this and this will probably be done.

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