20 Apr


We now have a river atlas that took six years of work by Dr. Bill Trout of the Virginia Canals & Navigation Society (VC&NS) with a little help from me. The atlas covers the Blackwater, Nottoway, Meherrin and Chowan Rivers. It includes detailed maps with points of interest, pictures, history etc overlaid onto the maps. There are stories of the river as well as tons of historical information about the rivers.
The 91 page atlas is being distributed to schools and Libraries throughout the watershed free of charge as part of the VC&NS & BNRP’s educational outreach program. Fishermen, historians, paddlers and lovers of these rivers will have to own this fantastic wealth of information. They make great gifts also. Copies are also available to the public for a donation of $20 each. Copies can be obtained through the mail by sending a check for $20 made out to BNRP and mailed to:
BNRP P.O. Box 44 Sedley, Va. 23878
If you have a PAY-PAL account or set up a PAY-PAL account you can order the atlas that way. Just click on the Donation link on the home page of this web-site. Be sure to state how many copies of the atlas you are ordering in the special instructions box and WHERE I AM TO MAIL YOUR ATLAS TO.
Other atlases of rivers including the Dismal Swamp are available on the Virginia Canals and Navigation Society web-site at www.vacanals.org

ALSO: A Tour Of The Blackwater/Nottoway Rivers”, and ” The Living Blackwater & Nottoway Rivers” can be obtained for a $10 donation for VHS or DVD. A Tour is 20 minutes long and covers the history, some wildlife and the problems facing the two rivers and was produced in 2003. The Living video covers 32 species of river critters, is 24 minutes long and was produced in 2005.  The Living Nottoway & Blackwater Rivers II made in 2008 is 30 minutes long also showing the critters along the river. The videos are suitable for both children and adults. To order send donation to: BNRP PO Box 44 Sedley Va. 23878. Orders can also be made by clicking on the Donate button on the homepage. Be sure to state how many copies of the atlas you are ordering in the special instructions box.