June Meeting Minutes

15 Jul
July 15, 2014

June 11, 2014 as recorded by Felice Hancock, Recording Secretary
The meeting at the Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center Conference Room had 7 people attending, including BNRP Board Members: Jeff Turner, Curtis Newsome, Nancy Turner and Anne Parker. Chairman Newsome called the meeting to order with a welcome and requested that Secretary Hancock read the May Minutes. Jeff Turner motioned that the minutes be approved and Nancy Turner seconded – May 2014 Minutes were passed.
Newsome then requested the Treasurer’s Report. Nancy Turner noted May revenue as $303.63; expenses as $2,559.97. Included in her report was a “compilation letter” for BNRP financial statements from a certified public accounting firm, standard for small nonprofit organizations.
Next President Newsome asked for the Membership Report. Membership Secretary Bobby Turner reported a total of 142 members. New members include Boy Scout Troop #41 of Windsor and the Franklin Woman’s Club. Welcome to our new members.
June 2014 Riverkeeper Report by Jeff Turner, Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper
5/19: 3-day patrol Blackwater River below Steele Bridge. Trash was terrible. Reported untagged limb-lines to Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ Conservation Police Officer Chitwood. By the time I left river on 3rd day they were gone.

5/23: Took Tidewater News Editor Cain Madden on Blackwater River below Franklin for baby bald eagle photo shoot. Got pics of baby eagles at new nest near Franklin Public Works and at Cherry Grove Nest site.
5/28: Presentation to Izaak Walton League Deep Creek Chapter. 40 members attended and were shown 2nd BNRP movie.
5/31: 3-day patrol at Courtland area of Nottoway River. Trash terrible. Saw baby eagle at nest site near pump station upriver from Courtland.
6/6: 3-day patrol at Cypress Bridge area on Nottoway River. Trash terrible. Lots of abandoned Limb Lines tagged as belonging to Neil Drake of Newsomes. I reported lines to VDGIF CPO Chitwood. Lines upriver were removed when I came out, not sure about downriver lines. Also removed a tangled starving gar from one of his lines. Gar most likely died.
6/9: Conversation with Sweetwater Brewing representative Rob Reynolds concerning fund raising efforts brewery is providing Water Keeper Alliance groups. He is planning on a visit to our meeting in July.
New Business
When do we need to set next Clean Rivers Day date in concrete? Suggesting March 28, 2015 and will verify next month.
Felice Hancock reported about Franklin-Southampton Chamber of Commerce’s luncheon, with Randy Forbes as speaker on June 5. Forbes was presented with a Water-powered Mill Book. Brief discussion with his assistant, Curtis about BNRP’s concern of alternate Hwy 460 (although more of a State instead of Federal issue; Forbes has heard a lot of this issue.)
Jeff Turner to look at cost of a “loud speaker” so he can be heard over boat motor, etc during Eco-Cruises.
Old Business
Felice Hancock to report on possible wholesale cost of Water-powered Mill Book next month. BNRP Board to discuss idea to museums/historical societies of Western Tidewater and nearby. Also possible businesses which sell nonprofit books as a community service. Goal is to use this book to promote program at a reasonable cost (facts: $3.90856 cents per 250 books = $977.14; so less than $4.00. Possibly sell wholesale at $5.00 with suggested retail of $10.00.)

With no further business, President Newsome adjourned the meeting until next month — July 9, Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

~ end ~

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