June 8th Nottoway Patrol

13 Jun
June 13, 2012

Spirit of Moonpie and I spent the 8th through the 11th on the Nottoway below the VDGIF Rt 671 ramp.  The water was pretty normal looking and 5ft on the U.S.G.S. gauge in Sebrell.  Trash was not too bad on/in the river this trip.  I only picked up a few bottles.  However the river was VERY trashed with abandoned limb-lines.  Gobs of string with hooks, orange survey tape and pieces of fabric softener bottles hanging from trees littered the shoreline from the narrows all the way to Checkerboard Corner.  Then again from the Bronco Club downriver a ways the river was plastered with lines. They were properly marked with the owners name etc, but these people evidently don’t know they must be removed when finished being fished.  Leaving these devices is an eyesore and a threat to wildlife that can become entangled in them.  So take’em with you when you leave so I will not have to make that phone call to DGIF Conservation Police Officers. Fishing on this trip was a mixed bag.  I only caught four largemouth to 2 pounds.  All were caught on topwater but it was truly slow fishing.  The bream fishing however was very good.  I caught plenty of big fat black bream using an itty bitty Rapala fished on top.  I imagine someone with a fly rod could clean up.  I also caught a few catfish at night.  However that was terribly slow also.  The mosquitos however did pretty well those three nights as Moonpie and I (well me anyway) lost about a pint of blood.  I saw plenty on Moonpie but I think they were sucking air.  Now I got to tell you this story.  The other day I was doing an Eco-Cruise with the Village people (no not the musical group) and downriver from the old Franklin dump I picked up this bottle floating in the river.  It was a pint milk bottle with Bakers Dairy Franklin Va. on it.  Pretty bizarre it was floating down the river.  Come to find out it was Kaye Wades fathers business back in maybe the 1930’s early 40’s? ? and once was owned by a Mr. Bradshaw.  Pretty cool huh? Maybe somebody out there can tell me more about this unusual find.

Now I got a beef to throw out there. Upon retuning to the boat landing to go home I found a note on my windshield.  It had been there for a few days and was barely legible and in fact cannot read it all.  Of course it was not signed which to me is such a cheese because I cannot answer any of the comments directly to the issuer.  The note ranted on about the Kennedy’s and Riverkeeper’s being environmental criminals?? Which I do not understand.  It also went on to say that if I had a smaller boat and truck maybe the environment would be better off?? Of course this person did not explain why that was so.  I assume it was directed at gas consumption or pollution from the motor.  So let me just say the motor on the pontoon boat is one of the cleanest most efficient EPA rated outboards made.  Also on this extended 4 day patrol I used 4 gallons of gas in the boat!!  The truck…well not so good mpg for sure but I got to have a robust truck to haul all the Riverkeeper boats to the river so I can do my thing.  People who anonymously leave me notes on my windshield accomplish nothing and say nothing.  So if you have a beef with me, or don’t like my boat, dog or whatever, just call me, e-mail me or something and lets discuss it like adults.  And think on this, while your out there running around putting nameless love notes on my truck and complaining about the way I do things, I’ll be cleaning up and working to improve the two rivers we call the Nottoway and Blackwater.

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  1. elaineherring says:

    Happy you didn’t find much trash, the bottle sounds like you found something unique. Maybe you can find more information on it. I think it is real cheesy that someone left a note??? Guess they cowardly to have a real discussion and are not confident in their thoughts. I would not let it worry me…if they really are bothered maybe they will be honest and come forward for a good long conversation. Glad to see you were out again, hope your next trip will be better fishing or maybe an unusual sighting of wildlife. Cruise safely. 🙂

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