June 8, Meeting Minutes

12 Jun
June 12, 2011

The Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper Program June 8, 2011 as recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary. The meeting had 7 members in attendance, and the Board of Director’s members who were present were as follows: Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard, and Anne Parker. Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by requesting the Minutes from May be read. Jeff motioned the minutes be approved, seconded by Nancy Turner; passed. Jeff next requested that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report. May revenue was $1,068.82 (included the $1000 award from WHRO); expenses were $2,828.48 (included water testing equipment). The annual “Accountant’s Compilation Report” by Britt & Peak, P.C., was submitted for calendar year 2010, and submitted to the IRS in regards to the BNRP’s 501 c 3 status. Nancy Turner relayed Membership Secretary’s report that there are124 members as of the end of May, new members being Ron Smith and the Community Action Coalition of VA – welcome new members. Riverkeeper Report 5/12 Took two groups from the Senior Circle on Blackwater River. 5/13 Wrote thank you letter to Bob Blue at Dominion Power for their sponsoring the WHRO Award. Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard and I approved $410.49 for water testing equipment. 5/19 Attended DEQ TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Limit) meeting at Capron Elementary for Three Creek area on Nottoway. Only Chief Allston from the Nottoway Indian Tribe of VA, Mr. Allard Allston, and I attended. 5/24 Took Donald Bridgers on the river for a second photo shoot for the Western Tidewater Magazine. We also traveled to the Cherry Grove eagle nesting site where we saw two juvenile eagles. Received e-mail from Wick Harlan at DEQ. Said they witnessed irrigation water running off into the Blackwater from the turf farm on River Road. I made contact with them and they said they would check on it. I’m waiting to hear further from DEQ on this. 5/25 Spent two days on the Nottoway below Courtland. The water was low. No major issues. Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard and Ann Parker approved $957.00 new Dissolved Oxygen Meter for water testing. 5/25 Contacted by teacher Elizabeth Burgess. Idea of a Blackwater regatta to raise money for the Franklin Robotics team. Such an event could bring more interest to the use of the Franklin waterfront for community events. 6/5 Sent thank you to the Community Action Coalition of VA for $250.00 donation. 6/6 Spent two days on Nottoway below Cypress Bridge. Water terribly low. No issues other than any water. 6/8 Found out Julee Herbert did not win Va. Lottery Super teacher Award. New Business Sherri Woodard reported on a small but effective Clean River Day on the Meherrin River (up to dam at city of Emporia’s limits). There was not a great amount of trash present. Anne Parker suggested that the next Clean Rivers Day for the Blackwater and Nottoway Rivers be held on April 28, 2012. The need to fix the date was noted so that more organizations and Other Business Felice Hancock mentioned that she had discussed the involvement of the Science Club at Paul D. Camp Community College with faculty sponsor Professor Safianu Rabiu and Student President Rhonda Knight, in regards to Clean Rivers Day 2012. No further items, Curtis Newsome concluded the meeting. ~ end ~

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