June 2013 Meeting Minutes

23 Jun
June 23, 2013

Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper Program
June 12, 2013
As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The meeting had 7 members present, with Board of Directors attending as follows: Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Anne Parker and Nancy Turner.
Curtis Newsome opened the meeting with a welcome and requested that the minutes from the May 2013 meeting be read. Secretary Hancock discovered she had copied the wrong BNRP Minutes and will email the May 8, 2013 minutes to the Board, for their approval over the
Newsome next requested that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report. Nancy reported a revenue of $160.57; expenses of $3,843.98. Bobby Turner gave the Membership
Secretary’s report noting 125 paid members, with no new members. Brief discussion of life-time membership category for individual as well as corporate level; will be considered by the Board for next

Riverkeeper Report
By Jeff Turner

5/9 Well, it looks like our Surry coal plant has just received the final nail in the coffin. Old Dominion Electric Company is headed to Maryland to build a 1000 MW natural gas plant.

5/13 Donated 14 life preservers and 2 Coleman gas lanterns, surplus equipment, to Boy Scout Troop 17.

5/18 Tim McCormick alerts that the “trash campers” on the Blackwater River at the Steel Bridge site were back. Conservation Police Officer Patrick Popek responded and made contact with campers.

5/21 Three-day patrol on Nottoway river below Hercules. No water quality issues. First usage of new ramp which is nice, but pier won’t work for pontoon boat tours.

5/25 Three-day patrol on Blackwater River below Franklin. No water quality issues.

5/29 Talked to COP Brandon Woodruff concerning Bradley Gray’s abandoned limb-lines. Warrant will be pursued.
Talked to Eric Ladasky, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, about possibly clearing Blackwater River upriver from Franklin (currently been cleared downriver).
Reported to Clyde Ganatt, Department of Environmental Quality, about pipe running to Blackwater from structure near Route 189, unknown purpose.

5/31 Reported to deputy John Griggs about dumping on Cottage Hill Road, Sedley. No evidence was found to implicate who dumped.

6/1 Corinth Sunday Meeting, Ivor, canceled Eco-Cruise for its Teen-Group after the pontoon boat was launched. This was the first time BNRP had not been notified in timely manner. BNRP Board to consider written policy to clarify all rules towards canceling future
programs and requests.

6/5 Toured Rolls Royce area in Prince George County with Charles Skalsky. Three industrial sites on 300 acres being developed. Reported to USACE, Prince George County and DCR that there are no Erosion & Sentiment controls in place. Diane Cook from Prince George, David Aho from DCR investigated. Scharlene Floyd from USACE contacted me. Copied all information to city of Franklin, as the water is and will be heading that way.

6/8 Witnessed brown flow coming from Franklin waste water treatment plant. Called: Donnie Cagle, WWTP; Russ Pace, Public Works; Vince Holt and Randy Martin – could reach no one. Vince Holt called me back 15 minutes later and agreed calling the police was my best chance at getting someone to respond. I did and they said they would get the information to somebody. Then received the Russ Pace call. Alerted DEQ later that day.

6/9 Two-day patrol on Blackwater River below Franklin. Trash heavy, water fast and going to flood stage. Saw the two baby eagles at Cherry Grove flying.

6/12 Met with DCR’s Jennifer Wampler and Judy Winslow, Director Smithfield & Isle of Wight Tourism from IOW to help them plan a fall paddle trip on the upper Blackwater River.

Other Business:

Clean River Day for 2014
Possible date of April 19, 2014 was rejected as Easter Sunday is April 20. Considering April 12 or 26, or having a Clean River Month. April 26, Saturday is Earth Day. Board needs to consider best time, in consideration of spring breaks.

Board needs to consider places to store a new pontoon boat, such as the Franklin Airport hangar, and other possible locations.

No further business presented, President Newsome dismissed the meeting.

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