June 1st Through The 3rd Nottoway Trip

04 Jun
June 4, 2009

I spent the 1st through the 3rd on the Nottoway above Cypress Bridge this week. The water was 6 ft. on the USGS gauge, fast, clear and 79 degrees. Trash was not too bad. I picked up a full bag of which a lot were glass bottles.
I had Moonpie cremated so I took her ashes with me on this trip. There are several beaches on this part of the river that were some of her favorite places. So I stopped at these spots and turned her loose one more time. I actually did this without crying and really felt an odd sense of happiness come over me after releasing her. I felt like she was suddenly really there right beside me again on the river. I had no idea at that moment just how true that feeling would turn out to be.

The fishing on this trip was really good. It took me a whole day to figure it out but I finally got it. I caught dozens of bream & red throats though most were really small. They were caught on the smallest Snagless Sally ever made. That tiny model is no longer produced so no need to go looking for one. The bass fishing this trip was phenomenal. I caught around 30 largemouth and two stripers to 2 pounds. The deal was the swamps were full of shad or herring fry, tiny baby fish about an inch long. The bass were just tearing these vast fry schools up. I would rip a baby Tiny Torpedo through the schools and the bass would just crunch it. I also used a very small Rapala about two inches long to nab a few.
This trip was not without its problems. The outboard conked out on me the last day and I had to come in under electric power. I also had a bit of a food crisis. I thought I had taken a bag of frozen cooked BBQ with me and I was just going to let it thaw out and make sandwiches. Well I went to make my first sandwich that afternoon and was surprised to find that I had a bag of raw sausage. So I made it that day on beenie-weenies and nabs while I contemplated how I was going to cook this bag of raw sausage with no cookware. That night at camp, with my stomach sounding a lot like a bear I figured I would just make sausage balls and put then on a shish-kabob skewer I always take with me. I got my fire going but the kabob action just was not going to work. The sausage just fell off. So, luckily I had a can of soup in my camp box. So I emptied the soup out into a zip lock and packed the sausage in the can, covered the top with a raggedy piece of tin foil I found and sat it in the fire. After an hour I had a nice sausage loaf and proceeded to slice it up when all of a sudden at the far end of the beach I heard a terrible commotion. Something had come out of the river and was now coming my way and making a lot of noise that sounded like foul language. Pitch dark except for the faint halo circle of the fire I was pretty darn frightened so I unholstered the big 44 and got ready to defend my sausage loaf. Out of the darkness and into the thin light suddenly appeared Moonpie. “Well are ya gonna shoot me or slice me off a piece of that can fried sausage? she said in that unmistakable voice. Look she said I know this was not expected, but holster that hog-leg and close your mouth before a bat follows all those skeeters into that gapping hole.” Moonpie, I muttered, what, who, how is this possible? “Well Moonpie said the smell of that sausage wafting down the river helped me find you and I would have been here sooner, but for some dag-nabbit reason you scattered me all over the place and it took me awhile to get myself together. Just because my earthly body gave up the ship you really didn’t think you were going to get rid of me that easy did you?
Behold, I am the Spirit of Moonpie and I fully intend to continue our wonderful journeys & adventures on the two rivers we call the Nottoway & Blackwater.

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