June 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes

19 Jun
June 19, 2012

As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The meeting had 7 members in attendance, and the Board of Directors’ members who attending are as follows:  Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Sherri Woodard.

Jeff Turner opened the meeting by requesting the Minutes from the May Meeting be read by Felice Hancock.  Jeff next made a motion to have the minutes adopted and it was seconded by Nancy Turner.  Minutes were adopted with no changes.

Nancy Turner was then requested by Jeff Turner to give the Treasurer’s report. Nancy reported that for May, revenues were $215.92; expenses were $1,511.21.  Also presented was the “Accountant’s Compilation Report” by Britt & Peak, P.C. prepared on May 1, 2012.

Bobby Turner was next called upon by Jeff Turner to provide the membership report.  A total of 134 members are now enrolled.  There is 1 new member:  Reid Bagley of Fishers Island, NY (who also owns some acreage along the Nottoway River).  Welcome to our newest member!

Riverkeeper Report

By Jeff Turner

5/16   Sent suggestions to VDGIF for making the proposed ramp on Rt 671 a better facility.

A tour of Ashland Hercules Water Technologies – Franklin, was arranged by Sean M. Maconaghy, EHS Manager.  The evening provided an excellent orientation of facilities.

E-mailed Russ Pace, City of Franklin, about terrible trash where mowers had strewn rubbish on Sewage Treatment Plant’s ditch.  Some other large garbage was at risk of getting into the flow. Public works cleaned it up immaculately.

5/17    1 day patrol of Blackwater river, with 1 fat bag of trash collected.

5/18    Letter of condolence sent to Bobby Kennedy Jr. for the lose of his x-wife.

5/22    Reply back from DMV on speed limit reduction for Rt 671. They investigated and verified that motorists are speeding across bridge at the boat landing entrance.

Pier Project begins.

5/23    Pier Project finished. Sent thank you letters to Russ Pace, Phil Sherman, Donald Goodwin and Randy Martin of the City of Franklin.  Still waiting for Max Bartholomew to send me mailing addresses to thank volunteers at Dominion.  The VDGIF website has article written by Jeff Turner on this project.

6/1      A Mrs. Edwards called about a #2 fuel oil spill behind Presbyterian Church, who preformed a good service in alerting authorities about the situation.   The spill seems to be the result of a home oil-heating tank being cleaned and emptied, followed by the rain storm.

6/12    Village at Woods Edge Retirement Community attended two Eco-Cruises, 14 passengers.

6/8      4 day patrol of the Nottoway River. Limb lines everywhere; VDGIF contacted and will make contact with owners.

Last month, May, the BNRP and community suffered the loss of Dr. Robert T. Edwards, who was an avid supporter.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report.

Old Business:

Anne Parker mentioned the Franklin Fall Festival, which will be held on Saturday October 6.  There will be a special feature due to the Civil War Sesquicentennial with Confederate re-enactors (Gillette-Urquhart Sons of the Confederacy) performing “Thunder on the River” at Barrett’s Landing.  Anne has suggested that the Albemarle-Chowan Watershed Roundtable might wish to “piggy-back” on this event rather than holding their own separate event.

Felice Hancock checked with VA Foundation for the Humanities to be sure that the final report for the grant was received (both hard copy and online).  Confirmed, the remainder of the grant money (about $300) will be sent in the next 30 days to BNRP.

New Business

There being no new business, President Newsome dismissed the meeting.

~ end ~

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