July 9 Nottoway Partrol

16 Jul
July 16, 2017

Who let The Cats Out?
Spirit of Moonpie and I spent the 9th through the 11th on the Nottoway below Delaware. Air temps ranged from 72 to 94 degrees and the water was 80 degrees. The river was high at 11.53 on the Sebrell gauge, muddy and running like a ditch. Trash on this trip was just about non existent. On this Moonpie critter patrol we saw a Barred Owl, seven Snowy Egrets, two adult Bald Eagles, a beaver and a Cormorant. We watched the little beaver swim right by the boat and go up a creek they had built a dam across. We watched it meticulously check out the structure to make sure there were no problems, then it crossed over the dam and continued its swim up the creek towards the sand pit ponds off of Rt. 258. The fishing on this trip was FANTASTIC! I easily caught all the brim I needed for catfish bait casting and on flyrod. I only cast for bass for about an hour the whole trip and only hung a jack. The first night we catfished we caught 5 from 3 to 12 pounds, a mix of blue and channel, no bats this time! The second night started off with a bang, first in the boat was a big 26 pounder. I was drenched after getting that thing in the boat and getting it weighed etc. and not from the fish. It was soooo humid/hot in that curve and no breeze at all. Then I caught a 4 pounder and the next fish up was a poor 17 pounder. By poor I mean that fish was sick or something. It was just about as long as the 26 pounder, but was all head. Its body was really thin looking and it had some strange markings on it like old wounds or something. So we had a really good time on this patrol even though it was stifling hot. After catching all those catfish Moonpie said “ I don’t know who’s in charge of these things but I sure do like it when they let the cats out on the two rivers we call the Nottoway and Blackwater.
Jeff Turner
BNRP Riverkeeper

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