July 8, 2009 Meeting Minutes

15 Jul
July 15, 2009

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary
Jeff Turner made opening announcements that we would be getting a presentation from Iluka tonight and then introduced Chuck Stilson and Chee Saunders to the group. Jeff then turned the meeting over to Curtis Newsome who opened the business part of it. He welcomed everyone and then asked that John Bunch read the minutes from the previous monthly meeting. The minutes were read, motion made by Jeff to adopt, seconded by Sherri Woodard, and passed with no changes.

Curtis then asked Nancy for the treasurer’s report for June. She reported that revenues were $1302.12, expenses were $3194.49. The main expenses of the month were for paying for Britt and Peak audit, boat maintenance for a broken Controller, and the annual rent on the monthly meeting room.
Curtis then asked Bobby Turner to give the Membership report. He reported that the group membership count has remained the same at 134 since last month.
The meeting had 12 in attendance and the BOD members present were Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard, Jeff Turner, and Curtis Newsome.

The Riverkeeper Report
As presented by Jeff Turner

On 5/20 – Forgot to mention at the last meeting that I took 5 members from the Franklin Woman’s Club on an Eco-cruise.
On 6/11 – Informed the VDGIF that their web-site had erroneously listed the Franklin Boat Landing as having only a single ramp. This was changed to two.
On 6/12 – Wrote a Letter of Comment on Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) regulation changes in NC to the NC Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources (NCDENR). The goal is to have more stringent regulations of waste management at these facilities.
On 6/15 – Sent in the Camp Family Foundations annual request for funding expenditure update. I also called Jack Camp to wish him a happy 94th birthday.
On 6/18 – Met with Dominion Power at Barretts Landing to discuss the pier project. Since that time I have been informed that since the permit has expired that an extension will have to be sought by the city of Franklin from the VA Marine Resource Commission (VMRC). Dominion will have to submit a drawing to VMRC of the pier modification. I sent this information to Dominion on 6/26, but have not heard back as of yet.
On 6/21 – Spent three days on the BW above the Steel Bridge seeing no issues with water quality.
On 6/25 – Took members of the VA Foundation for the Humanities (VFH) for an Eco-cruise. Six attended including Rick Franklin from Congressman Randy Forbes office.
On 6/26 – BNRP BOD voted by email and phone to amend the Article of Incorporation to read “The Corporation is to have members…..”. Each person in the BOD voted yes. It had been discovered that in our original articles the word “no” was mistakenly left in that sentence.
On 6/28 – Spent three days on the Nottoway below VDGIF ramp at Rt. 671 finding no water quality issues.
On 7/7 – Received the annual contribution of $3600 from IOW Co.
On 7/8 – Learned that ODU has received $100,000 from Dr. Arthur Kirk of Kirk Lumber Co. family. This money is to be used to fund a flood study of the BW River. I have contacted them and offered my assistance.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report

Jeff then turned over the meeting to Chuck Stilson, mine manager of Iluka Resources Inc. to speak to the group on the mining operations that they have on the old coast line that runs near I-95. Chee Saunders provided assistance with the presentation. An overview of that presentation follows:

In our area, Iluka is involved in open pit mining of an ancient beach to extract minerals bearing Titanium and Zircon from the sand. This process involves digging out the sand/clay mix to a depth of about 15’ and running that mix through a separation mill of sorts. Water is fed into this sand/clay clay mixture to produce a slurry and that is manipulated so that the heavier Titanium minerals and Zircon drop out by a gravity induced process. The water used in this process is comprised of pumped well water, stormwater capture, and water pumped from the Nottoway River. Following mineral extraction, the remaining sand/clay slurry is pumped to holding ponds for evaporation and water reuse. That land, through a series of forms of conditioning, is returned to a farmland state where it is then returned to the farmers for reuse. Iluka owns none of this land and it is all leased from the farmers. The extracted non-toxic Titanium minerals are sold mainly for use in the pigment industry with only a small portion going to be made into metal. The Zircon is sold for glazes, firebrick, and jewelry.

It was a good informative presentation that was enjoyed by all. A Q&A period followed with a lot of questions from the group members with good answers in return. When this was over Jeff thanked Chuck and Chee and a nice round of applause was given.

Other Items:

– The new videos are in and will be distributed soon to the area schools and libraries. This is latest video done of the rivers.

– Jeff asked Hasaan of Ashland Chemical how things were there at his plant and reported out that all was quiet. Jeff then asked me if anything was going on at IP. I reported that our new Title V Air Emissions Permit will be going to the local paper on Sunday (July 12) for Public Comment.

Felice Hancock passed Humanities literature around the room for anyone interested to look at.

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