July 2016 Meeting Minutes

14 Sep
September 14, 2016

The monthly BNRP meeting held at The Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center had 10 people attending. Board Members were Nancy Turner, Jeff Turner, Anne Parker, and Curtis Newsome. Bobby Turner, Bill Arrington, Felice Hancock, Scott Thomson and Maggie Pagel of Solenis, and John Bunch (acting Secretary) were also in attendance.
Following phone link-up with Jeff Turner who was forced to stay at home due to a possible kidney stone, Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then asking that John Bunch read the minutes from the June meeting. They were read and the comment was made that the Secretary position is not a Board position. Following agreement that the minutes would be changed to reflect this, Curtis then asked for a motion to adopt the minutes. Nancy Turner made that motion and was seconded by Anne Parker. A vote was taken and the minutes were adopted showing that change.
Nancy then presented the Treasurer’s Report, saying that expenses for the month of June were $4181.48, revenue was $282.96. Large expense for the month was for the purchase of a Drone and its associated accessories to be used as river monitoring equipment.
Bobby then gave the membership report saying there are currently 141 members, the addition of the new member Bill Arrington, and resign-ups from last year.
July 2016 Riverkeeper Report
5/16 Contacted Peter Kube USACE about logging at Assamoosic Swamp. His reply “If the logs and logging debris left behind from that logging are floating out of the swamp due to natural flood events, the Corps of Engineers Regulatory Branch does not have jurisdiction”. He told me DOF was the regulatory agency in this case which I had already contacted. Case closed.

6/10 Andrew Chapman is no longer plant manager at Solenis. Scott Thompson new manager.

6/19 Three day patrol BW Water muddy, picked up very little trash. First drone flights over river.

6/25 Three day patrol Nottoway. Lots of trash, found fridge and two doors. I got fridge and one door to Ernie Beltrami landing. He removed. Investigation underway by VDGIF.

6/26 Commented on No Wake zone extension on Nottoway. I do not believe there is a safety issue needed to extend zone.

7/7 Jessica Haydue limblines removed from the river by her at request of VDGIF.

7/10 Three day patrol Nottoway and Blackwater. 2nd refrigerator door found on pier at Bronco Club. Called Doug Rogers to have removed.

7/13 Commented on destruction of 2 acres wetlands in Dinwiddie County near intersection of Rt 460 and Rt1. Project Minecraft trucking distribution center being built.

Received a call about NS RR trestle in Courtland nearly blocked from drift. I had contacted N.S. RR Charles Graning about this in April 2016. Evidently nothing was done.

Other :
Maggie Pagel introduced Scott Thomson to us as the Solenis Plant Manager. In his greeting he told us that they (Solenis) planned to always have a representative at the monthly BNRP meetings. Maggie went on to report that results from recent analytical testing came back showing no issues. Also that sewer lines for rainwater collection have been cleaned out which will help towards preventing unwanted discharges. Remediation work continues and not sure at the moment if there is an end date set for completion.
Curtis then asked around the room if anyone else had any other comments or business to discuss. As there was none, he adjourned the meeting.

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