July 2015 Meeting Minutes

15 Oct
October 15, 2015

As recorded by John Bunch, acting Secretary


The monthly meeting at The Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center Conference Room had 7 people attending, including BNRP Board Members:  Jeff Turner, Curtis Newsome, Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard, and Anne Parker.  John Bunch was acting Secretary due to Felice Hancock’s absence.

Chairman Newsome called the meeting to order with a welcome and requested that the acting Secretary Bunch read the June Minutes. Noticing an error in a date in the Minutes, a correction was made. Jeff Turner motioned that the minutes be approved with that date correction. This motion was seconded by Anne Parker—motion passed.

Next Chairman Newsome requested the reading of the Treasurer’s Report from Nancy Turner. For the month of June 2015 revenue was $630.00 (this included a $500 contribution from the Rotary Club) and expenses were $2731.29.

Chairman Newsome then asked for a Membership Report from Bobby Turner. Bobby reported that as of the end of June there are 144 members, a gain of three from the previous month. This addition came from the Hart family.

July 2015 Riverkeeper Report

6/11  3 day patrol Nottoway below Hercules. No water quality issues. Found 3 messages in a bottle with beads in river at Rt 258 landing. 1st read “Surrender the Booty” 2nd “ The beatings will continue until moral improves” 3rd Prepare to be Boarded. Reported finding to SC Sheriffs Dept and VDGIF.

6/17 Dan Genest from Dominion Power gave information about proposed Greensville County gas powered power station in planning stage and stated ”Greensville County is planning to build or already is building a 900 million gallon reservoir adjacent to the Nottoway River at the site of an existing water intake. The reservoir would draw from the Nottoway during times of high flows but be restricted on drawing water during times of low flows. We would get one half of our water for the Greensville Power station from that reservoir and half from the city of Emporia water system, which draws water from the Meherrin.”

6/28 3 day patrol Blackwater below Franklin. Terrible trash. Out of State turtle trapper in both rivers. One Maryland one N.J. as reported in 6/8/15 Riverkeeper Report. On this patrol I discovered a trap left by the N.J trapper. Contacted VDGIF and ticket was issued to Newt Sterling for leaving the trap and all the dead turtles. Took Aleks Martray and film crew out to film for documentary they are doing on the history of the area.

7/2 Contacted SC Administrator Mike Johnson about styro. Recent high water was the issue and he told me the boom the county put in place is doing its job and not allowing more styro off the property on the Nottoway.

7/3 Started preliminary work to get regulation changed concerning commercial turtle trapping in Va. Sent letter to Secretary of Natural Resources Molly Ward. Also received feedback from Benjamin Coltreaux PhD candidate at VCU who stated “This is a problem that has existed for quite some time. Game and inland fisheries through my research is very aware of the issue and has been proactive in putting some necessary regulations in place. In the next couple of years I think it is safe to say that you will see major changes and the issues that you speak of will no longer exist.” Also contacted John Kleopfer who acknowledged that the state and VCU are almost finished with a 3-year study on the issue. I intend to vigorously pursue the matter.

7/8 At styro site on Nottoway SC Administrator Mike Johnson reports that Mr. Fowler’s environmental consultant subsequently submitted a corrective action plan to DEQ on June 29 which confirms his intention to remove all fill material and properly dispose of it an approved landfill.  He’s awaiting DEQ’s review and approval, which is pending, before beginning work.  In the meantime, he has the necessary equipment on standby and is continuing to insure no further migration of Styrofoam from within the containment area.

Yesterday afternoon (July 7) the river was above 14.0 feet at Sebrell and the area where the fill material was placed was entirely submerged.  The boom worked perfectly, catching and holding the Styrofoam downstream of the roadbed where the fill material was placed. In certain sections, Styrofoam was stacked up 18″ to 24″ along the surface of the boom).  The Fowlers and one helper are out there today, in a john boat, skimming the Styrofoam off the water surface inside the containment area.  Sgt. Griffith has been out to check on their progress.

New Business:

As there was no new business to discuss, Chairman Newsome adjourned the meeting.


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